Rabat – The royal city of lights

As Morocco’s capital, Rabat, the hosting city of the 6th AF-SGW, is home to the country’s most important museums and tourist attractions. The Royal Palace and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V are the number one must-see when in Rabat, as well as several historical tourist attractions such as The medina and Kasbah of Rabat where you can find the Rabati rug, a special item that every Moroccan home has. One thing is for sure: wandering through its alleys is a guaranteed adventure.

As one of Morocco’s Imperial Cities, Rabat is one of the best places to visit while traveling up or down the Atlantic Coast. Smaller in size and less famous than the Imperial Cities of Marrakech and Fes, Rabat’s calmer atmosphere can also be a welcome break from the tourist hustle of other cities.

Visits to the Oudayas Kasbah and the Chellah excavation site are two more must-do activities while in town. The splendid architecture of the sites, embellished by the surrounding gardens and the majestic walls of the chellah  make the experience like entering another world.

The sister city of Salé, which is also worth seeing while here, is located to the west of the city and is separated from it by the Bouregreg River.

You may get a truly Moroccan experience at Salé, where you can explore the working-class medina and board one of the little blue boats that cross the river from Rabat (near the kasbah in Rabat and in front of the marina in Salé).

Also, if you are an art enthusiast then visiting the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is a must for you. The museum puts a completely different light on Morocco and Moroccan art.

Thanks to its green areas, Rabat is a contemporary eco-friendly capital as well. You may find lovely parks nearby the city, such as the Exotic Gardens of Bouknadel or the Botanical Test Garden. Rabat also has an exceptional shoreline. The Atlantic Ocean coastlines of Rabat include miles of well-equipped beaches that connect to the neighboring city of Casablanca.