7th AF-SGW Working Groups

The African Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW) topics play an integral role in providing invaluable insights about the space industry through working group discussions. Guided by a moderator, and advised by subject matter experts, delegates engage in collaborative discussions which form the basis of a report containing recommendations for the African space sector.

Delegates are assigned to one of 5 working groups geared towards tackling specific issues pertaining to the role of space in the African region. At the end of the AF-SGW, each group will have the opportunity to present their recommendations to the wider workshop audience.

Reports from all working groups are also compiled by rapporteurs and moderators and delivered to the SGAC Executive Team after thorough review. These reports are eventually presented to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS) in the form of recommendations and included in the SGAC Annual Report.

Overall, the working group discussions ignite a pathway for business ideas, conference papers and research for matters related to space and produce recommendations to relevant public, private and non-governmental sectors, helping to shape the future of the African space industry.

Working Group 1: Space Policy and Law

Legal Frameworks for Commercial Space Activities in Africa

With the recent establishment of the African Space Agency and the adoption of its statute, there is a pressing need to discuss and develop comprehensive legal frameworks for commercial space activities in Africa. This working group will examine the implications of the agency’s establishment on regulatory frameworks, licensing, liability, and intellectual property rights. By aligning legal frameworks with international standards and harmonizing national regulations, Africa can create an enabling environment for commercial space ventures, attracting investments and promoting responsible and prosperous space activities.

Working Group 2: Space Technology and Applications

CubeSats and Small Satellite Technology for Expanding African Space Capabilities

In light of recent achievements such as the successful launch of Zimbabwe’s ZimSat 1 and the increasing number of small satellite launches by African countries, it is crucial to explore the potential of CubeSats and small satellite technology in expanding African space capabilities. This working group will delve into the applications and advantages of miniaturized satellites, their cost-effectiveness, and their role in enhancing data collection, earth observation, and connectivity. By discussing lessons learned and sharing best practices, participants will identify ways to leverage these technologies for socioeconomic development, spurring a new era of space market growth in Africa.

Working Group 3: Space Business and Entrepreneurship

Investment Strategies and Funding Mechanisms for African Space Start-ups

Against the backdrop of a thriving ecosystem of space start-ups emerging in Africa in recent years, it is imperative to address the topic of investment strategies and funding mechanisms. This working group will focus on exploring the opportunities and challenges faced by African space entrepreneurs in securing funding and attracting investments. By analyzing successful cases, discussing innovative financing models, and identifying potential partnerships, participants will develop strategies to propel the growth of space start-ups, contributing to the flourishing African space market and fostering prosperity.

Working Group 4: Capacity Building Opportunities

Developing Skills and Expertise in the African Space Workforce

The growing youth interest in the space sector presents a unique opportunity to harness their talents and expertise for the future of African space endeavors. This working group will delve into the importance of nurturing and developing skills in the African space workforce. By discussing initiatives, educational programs, and training opportunities, participants will explore how to effectively engage and empower the youth, ensuring a skilled workforce that can drive innovation, advance technological capabilities, and contribute to the prosperity of the African space market.

Working Group 5: Developing and Using Space Applications

Space Applications for Agriculture and Food Security in Africa

In alignment with the relevant Sustainable Development Goals, this working group will focus on the vital role of space applications in addressing agricultural challenges and achieving food security in Africa. By leveraging satellite data for precision agriculture, climate monitoring, and resource management, participants will explore the potential of space technologies to enhance agricultural productivity and resilience. Through interactive discussions and knowledge sharing, this group will identify strategies to leverage space applications, contribute to sustainable development, and promote prosperity in the agriculture sector across Africa.