Rishin is currently working full-time as a Scientist/Engineer at ISRO – Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. His areas of interest include astrodynamics and spacecraft dynamics. He is a certified STK master and NX expert. He has good experience in dealing with the technicalities of space missions and subsystem management to ensure that mission teams are able to achieve their objectives within the respective mission timeframes. He is an active member of the SGAC Near-Earth Objects Project Group and has authored and presented research papers at GLEX 2021 in Russia and IAC 2021 in UAE. He recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace engineering from the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology. He is passionate about reforming the space industry and aspires to help make space more accessible for everyone in the future. He believes that his contributions to SGAC will propel him toward the successful fruition of his dreams.

Gracio Joyal Lobo is an Aerospace Engineer, currently serving as a Materials & Process Engineer at Boeing Research and Technology in Bengaluru, India. With extensive experience in the Aerospace Industry, Gracio holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA in Operations Management at MAHE. He earned recognition with the prestigious INAE Innovative Project award for his exceptional work on an innovative wing design.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Gracio has played a pivotal role as India’s first National Point of Contact for the Moon Village Association and has volunteered with organizations such as ASME, SGAC, MVA, APOSA, and SSERD. He also contributed his expertise as a Technical Advisor at the 2021 European Space Design Competition and was instrumental in organizing SGAC’s AP-SGOW 2020 and the inaugural SG[India] event in 2022.

Sponsorship Manager:

Aleena Joseph is the Innovation Assistant for the Netherlands Innovation Network, at the Consulate-General of the Netherlands, Bangalore. She is also the Co-Founder and Head of External Relations at Asia Pacific Oceania Space Association – APOSA, a sustainable space community development initiative. Under APOSA, she leads the podcast channel Space Smurfs, and she is the lead podcaster for the channel. She is currently the Space Generation Advisory Council, National Point of Contact for India.

She pursued her master’s in Geopolitics and International Relations from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India, after completing her bachelor’s in Physics from Kerala, India. She has focused on various international relations topics including space policy, and law, space governance, and space security.

Apart from these, Aleena is a self-taught artist, in acting, painting, singing, writing, and also an amazing baker!

Program Team:

Aaruni is a mechanical engineer from India currently working with ZS. He is interested in space robotics and rocketry and has worked on Martian and lunar rover prototypes as a student. Apart from space sciences, Aaruni enjoys quizzing, badminton and reading fiction.

Karthika Rani Ramdoss

Karthika Rani Ramdoss works as a Design Engineer at Aadyah Aerospace Private Limited. She has recently won the SGAC-ispace Scholarship award, to attend SGC & IAC,2022. She completed her B.Tech in aerospace engineering from Amity University Noida, India, in 2019. She thrives on challenges & constantly sets goals for herself. She is not comfortable with settling. For her, Aerospace and space science is the love of her life! She believes she was born to make “space accessible for everyone”. Her passion is satellite technology, rocket and space debris. Karthika has been actively involved with SGAC since 2017. She is a co-author of a research paper presented at IAC 2018 & IAC 2022 in affiliation with SGAC.In addition, she was also a mentee of the SGAC 2022 mentorship program.

Dasuni Hewawasam

Dasuni Hewawasam is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant and an MPhil student at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. She is focusing on thermal modeling and analysis of Li-ion batteries. She is also a part-time researcher of the Andromeda Research Program 2023, Deep Space Initiative, Colorado, USA working on “Investigation of technical feasibility of implementing nuclear-powered propulsion for deep space missions with consideration of regulatory aspects”. She is very much passionate about space technology and one of her research projects is on “modeling the Helmholtz cage for ground testing of ADCS of Cube satellites” done at Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies Sri Lanka. Being a space enthusiast, she joined Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) in 2018 and has been engaged in activities ever since. She is also the current SGAC’s National Point of Contact for Sri Lanka. She was the International & Local Project Manager of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Sri Lanka for the year 20/21. She has been organizing and attending space-related workshops and events as well as putting her effort into popularizing space sciences among mass people. She believes “Space is everywhere for everyone”

Communication Team:

Subhrajit Barua

Subhrajit is a PhD student at ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia. He is an ardent astrobiology researcher and his work deals with space omics and astronaut health. He studies the effects of microgravity, ionizing radiation, and magnetic fields on gene expression and correlates their effects on physiological pathways.

He is also a graduate of Rencontres Exobiologiques pour Doctorants 2021, France, and has experience in teaching astrobiology.

Besides academia, he is also passionate about science communication and outreach.

Rayan Khan is a prominent figure in the astronomy and space education community, serving as a founder of Cosmic Tribe and holding multiple prestigious roles, such as International Astronomical Union Dark Skies Ambassador, International Dark Sky Association Delegate, and National Coordinator of Moon Village Association. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the field, including the IDA International Dark Sky Defender Award. In addition to his work in astronomy, Rayan holds leadership positions in various organizations and is involved in projects that promote education and outreach in the field of astronomy. He is a member of several international organizations, including the International Astronomical Union, the Royal Aeronautical Society, and the International Astronomical Union Working Group for Astronomy in Culture Steering Committee.

She is an Ethiopian currently studying Aerospace Engineering for her bachelor’s degree in India. Currently she volunteer as Public Relations and Communications Team Co-Lead in SGAC. As a young visionary woman, working to improve herself is her number one goal. For the same purpose, she joined AIESEC in February 2021. She also worked as a TV program host for STEMpower Ethiopia. She was also a teacher and member of the leadership group for child ministry in her church. She looks forward to working in the aerospace industry and youth community

Dhanusshya Raghu is a Undergrad Mathematics student at Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai. She is more interested in Fiction writing, Mathematics, Space and Marketing. She had volunteered as Communications Coordinator of Moon Village Association- India. She is part of many space organizations like Space Generation Advisory Council, Moon Village Association, etc. She is currently organizational review team member at SGAC.

Logistics Team:

I am an Aerospace Engineer and Business Development person. I am constantly looking for ways to contribute my skills and talents to make Space accessible to everyone. Entrepreneur, Sales Coach, Trainer and Consultant, TedX Speaker, Space tech enthusiast.

Tanmay Sharma is a Final year student pursuing his CSE B.Tech from Dayananda Sagar University in Bangalore, India. He has a keen interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, space, and Astronomy.

I am a B.Sc student in Physics at St. Joseph’s College, Trichy. I am enthusiastic about Physics and have actively pursued my interest in the field by participating in various projects and campaigns. I organized a group of students in the International Asteroid Search Campaign and contributed to the discovery of new asteroids. Additionally, I led a project to build a 10-inch Dobsonian telescope for my college, which helped me develop practical skills and gain hands-on experience in optics.

Junior in college, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. My research interests include Guidance, Navigation, and Control, Astrodynamics, Robotics and Embedded Systems Development. I have been a part of SGAC since 2020 as a member of the Space Exploration Project Group and very recently as a member of the Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group (since February 2023). I have been a part of the Organizing team for SG[India] 2022. The 9th AP-SGW will be my first offline event, and I will do my best to make it a success!

Gurukiran is an ambitious individual currently in the pursuit of his final year Aerospace Engineering undergraduate degree. With a keen focus on the field, his deep-rooted passions lie in various aerospace domains, including Aeromodelling, Avionics, and Space Systems.

Notably, he has showcased his innovative mindset by designing an ingenious and cost-effective wearable-tech solution tailored for individuals who face challenges in speech communication. His creation effortlessly converts hand gestures and movements into voice, enabling seamless interaction in their native language.

In addition to his scholarly pursuits, he also thrives on pushing the boundaries of exploration and excitement. As a testament to his adventurous spirit, he actively engages in building amateur rockets, an exhilarating endeavor that captivates both his imagination and curiosity. By combining his engineering expertise with a desire for amusement.

Delegate Team:

Eshana is an Automation Engineer at Tata Elxsi passionate about outer space exploration. Furthermore, she volunteers for organizations such as the Moon Village Association. She is an avid Harry Potter fan who enjoys reading books and watching movies.

Dhanisha is a final year undergrad pursuing Aerospace Engineering and loves researching about supersonic flows, trajectory designs and implementing sustainability in space. She is currently interning at Pixxel where she does mission design and analysis. She enjoys volunteering at several organizations like WoAA (Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Moon Village Association and SGAC. At SGAC, she is the Reports Team Co-lead and also a part of many project groups. Passionate about improving diversity in the space sector, she is an active part of various ally and support groups. She is also fond of reading and writing and has written various short stories and poems along with several technical articles.