The Country

Day Trips

While you’re here why not take a detour to “Dracula’s Castle”?
In addition to the two guided tours of Bucharest, we have though to provide a special opportunity for those who want to stay longer: a tour of Transylvania and Dracula Castle.
Thanks to the collaboration with Mr Tripp – Grayline Romania Tours Agency, the 3ESGW participants will have a 30% discount for a one-day trip to Bran Castle ( 55 EUR instead of 79 EUR).
The tour will include a stop at Peles Castle, a walk at Brasov Old City Centre and then finally the visit of Bran Castle. The entrance tickets for both castles are included, transportation and English speaking guide.






Please be aware that on Mondays and Tuesdays Peles Castle is closed and it will only be seen from the exterior. Instead, “The Medieval Torture Instruments Exhibition” is visited.

To book your tour and take advantage of this offer use the #ESGW2018 discount code when choosing your desired dates and by contacting the company at [email protected] .

Mr. Tripp Gray Line Romania
Mr. Tripp Gray Line Romania is a full service agency and one of the most experienced travel partners you can have in Romania, with a keen focus on creating unique moments and memories to all their guests.
Their tailored tours, young and proactive team, extensive network of partners combined with our enthusiasm and solid experience in traveling are sure to match your needs and desires. Their tours and trips find the perfect balance between adventure, excitement and relaxation and their certified guides will help you discover the best of Romania.
For any further information, do not hesitate to contact the 3rd E-SGW Delegate Coordinators, Laura Manoliu ([email protected]) and Antonio Carlo ([email protected]) at any time.

The City

Nicknamed “The Little Paris of the East” since the beginning of the 20th century when the then king Carol I, hired Louis Blanc, the apprentice of the designer architect of Paris, to redraw the urban plan of our city, Bucharest is today a unique and welcoming capital. From the city’s first historical mention in 1459 in an edict signed by Vlad Tepes (known as Count Dracula), when the city was a key point to commercial trade between East and West, to becoming a bustling IT Hub today (Romania has more IT engineers per capita than the US, India, China or Russia), Bucharest is alive with creativity and innovation.

Plus, Bucharest has lots of museums and many of them are must- see attractions. In addition, you can forget long queues and crowded attractions. Bucharest is still in the “off the beaten track” phase, thus allowing you to mingle with the locals all along the way and have a more local experience.

Showcasing a rich cultural scene and vibrant night life, fuelled by its abundant mass of university students (Bucharest is the largest academic centre in Romania), Bucharest is also home to numerous research centres on space related activities, the Romanian Space Agency and to the world’s most powerful laser facility (ELI NP Research Centre) among others. Welcoming an ever growing number of tourists, Romanians are known for their warm hospitality. With a young and highly educated workforce, the city is English and French speaking friendly and with many hidden gems, it’s best discoverable by foot. So bring your walking shoes along!

Don’t believe us? Just have a look at what these guys are saying:

How expensive is Bucharest Romania?

Budget friendly and surprising, Bucharest is West meets East and this asymmetry speaks of its charm.

Enjoy Bucharest!


BTRIP – Bucharest Tour

Bucharest offers a lot of fascinating places, which tell us all about the story and the evolution of the city. Nonetheless, it can easily happen to be confused at the first visit and we thought you might need some help to give a better interpretation of what the city represents. That’s why on the occasion we’re partnering up with BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tour to provide you with an immersing experience into the city’s stories and historical landmarks.

BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tour will offer delegates the opportunity to discover Bucharest and make the most of your ESGW experience with a guided walking tour in English through the central historical area of Bucharest and its main sights.

The tour is free of charge, nonetheless, donations at the end of the tour would be appreciated to help BTrip project continue its activities. Each person will decide individually if they can donate and how much, there is absolutely no fixed sum or minimum amount. Donations can be made in the local currency RON, Euros or American Dollar.

The free tours will take place on Thursday 8th March 6-8 P.M. and Sunday 11th March in the morning, between 10-12 A.M.
Because of the large number of interested participants, on both Thursday and Sunday the groups will be split equally, on spot, into two and it will be led by 2 guides: Stefania and Ciprian.

The starting point for the tours would be Piata Unirii (Unirii Square), more precisely in the park from Piata Unirii (Parcul Unirii). In the park there is an old clock standing across from the big fountain in the middle of the intersection. The guides, will wait for the guests at the starting point with signs with the blue logo of the organization – BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tour.

The weather forecast says that we will have max. 8 degrees Celsius on the 8th March, so please bring warm clothes and also dress warmly for the tours. You might consider having comfortable shoes.
The tour takes around 2 – 2.5 hours and has the following route:

Piata Unirii – Manuc’s Inn – Wallachian Old Court – Stavropoleos Monastery – National Bank – Macca Villacrosse Passage – Calea Victoriei – Military Circle building – Telephone Palace – Revolution Square (last stop – this is very close to Piata Universitatii).

In case it is of interest to you, please know that the main topics that will be discussed during the tour will be: the Palace of the Parliament, Nicolae Ceausescu dictatorship and the end of Communism in Romania, the Romanian Revolution, the Old Town history and recent revival, Bucharest as Little Paris, the Oriental influence in Bucharest, Vlad the Impaler, the churches in Bucharest and the Romanian architecture style. The topics will be discussed while presenting the buildings we can see during the tour, while also talking about many other aspects of the history of Bucharest and life here.

If you are interested in taking part in this event, please sign up prior to the event by filling the following form together with your workshop choices.

For any last minute information please contact Laura Manoliu at email ([email protected]) or phone number: +49 160 957 032 19

Tourist Attractions

Here some suggestions to enjoy the free time you will have in Bucharest during the 3rd SGAC ESGW.

Explore the Old Town with its small streets and secret places that didn’t change through the years. In this area, you will find the main historical and important monuments, such as the Stavropoleos Monastery, the best example of Brâncovenesc style. In the Old Town is also based the Curtea Veche, the old princely court of Vlad III, Dracula, built in 1459.

(Stavropoleos Monastery. Photo credit:

Furthermore, into this area there are also the best places to enjoy a drink or taste the typical Romanian food. If you want to try the taste of the typical Romanian tradition we suggest two special places: Caru Cu bere, the oldest brewery in town, and Hanul lui Manuc, the first historical hotel, which today hosts also restaurant, bar and coffee house.

(Hanul lui Manuc. Photo crediti:

Visit the Palace of Parliament, the second largest building on the planet after the Pentagon, symbol of the former regime. It is opened from 10 am to 4 pm. Guided tours are at fixed hours, that you can find on the following web page: Moreover, don’t’ miss the chance to go to Plata Revolutiei, the square dedicated to the revolution, where has been built the Memorial of Rebirth, to commemorate the victims of Romanian Revolution in 1989.

Have a walk on Victoriei Avenue, a long and modern street, representing the new splendour of Bucharest. You can have a cultural “pit stop” at the National Museum of History or at the National Museum of Art, inside the former Royal Palace or you can visit the Ateneului Român, the Bucharest concert hall.

(Ateneului Roman. Photo credit:

Get lost in the green spots of Bucharest, in particular the wonderful Herăstrău Park, 187 hectares around Herastrau lake is one of the jewels in Bucharest’s crown and at one of its exit you will find the Triumph Arch. Another lovely park is the Cișmigiu Park, a vast English style garden, located in the city centre.

(Cișmigiu Park. Photo credit: romaniajourna)