The 5th E-SGW Application Form

We warmly invite you to apply to the 5th European Space Generation Workshop – Online Edition, organized by the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

Key dates:

  • 18th March – Applications open
  • Applications are open until reaching full capacity of the number of attendees

Applications will be evaluated based on your motivation to attend the E-SGW 2021, breadth and depth of experience, ability to contribute to the overall event, as well as your insights and passion for space! 

Accepted delegates will receive a confirmation email with a link to proceed with the registration process and workshop fee payment through Eventbrite. 

To be able to apply for the E-SGW  you must be a member of SGAC. If you are not a member, please register at The SGAC registration and membership are free of charge! (Note: Make sure you fill your personal profile before filling up the E-SGW application)

For questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact the E-SGW Delegates Team at [email protected]

Best of luck!

The 5th E-SGW Team

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  • [18th March  – … ] Apply online by completing the application form. Please note that you must be logged in as an SGAC member. The applications will remain open until reaching full capacity of the number of attendees. Apply as soon as possible to secure your spot!
  • [16th April – 9th May] Application review and registration process:
    • SGAC will inform you of the outcome of the selection. If your application is selected, you will receive a confirmation email with more details on how to secure your ticket.
    • If you have been selected, you should register at E-SGW following the instructions in your confirmation email. Your spot is not guaranteed till having completed the registering process.
    • If you do not register during this period, or if the maximum capacity of attendees is reached before, you may lose your spot at E-SGW.
    • Early bird 23rd-30th April
    • Full price 1st-9th May
  • [After 9th May] Candidates on the waiting list will be given the possibility to register.


All prices are listed in EUR. Payment will be made through the Eventbrite registration, which accepts credit cards and Paypal. A link with further instructions will be provided upon delegate acceptance.

Early bird fees apply until April 30th, 2021.

  • [Early Bird] Full-time Student 5
  • [Early Bird] Young Professional 10
  • Full-time Student 10 €
  • Young Professional 15 €

 For any questions related to Delegates please contact: [email protected]


LIABILITY – The SGAC and/or ESGW Organisers shall not be held liable for personal accidents, losses or damage to private property of European Space Generation Workshop delegates.

INSURANCE – The SGAC and/or ESGW Organisers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained, or for loss or damage of property belonging to European Space Generation Workshop delegates either during, or as a result of the European Space Generation Workshop.