Local event in Germany

SG[Egypt] 2021


SG[Egypt] will be the first-ever SGAC event in Egypt, which provides a platform for national and international stakeholders and space industry experts to engage in discussions with Egypt’s most talented space youth and provide key recommendations to the UN COPUOS general assembly. 

SG[Germany] 2021

Local event in Germany focusing on the German Space ecosystem.

SG[India] 2022


All about SGAC's local event happening in India this year- SG[India] 2022. The event is being planned in an online format during mid-April 2022 with the theme of 'Space for Social Benefits'.



In collaboration with the European Center for Space Law, and with the participation of multiple experts from the United Nations, SGAC challenges you to live an online Model Session of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, as one of the United Nations Member States.

SG[France] 2022 : Road to Newspace

International Space University 1 rue Jean-Dominique Cassini, Parc d’Innovation, Ilkirch-Graffenstaden, Alsace, France

What is the role of business in the future of the space sector and how can we foster space-related entrepreneurship ? SG[France] 2022 will take place in Strasbourg in the end of Spring 2022, if you are a student or young professional aged 18-35, do not miss this opportunity to meet and chat with renowned experts of the French and European space industry as well as with numerous young space enthusiasts !


SG[Spain] 2022


After the successful inauguration of SG[Spain] in 2019, the second instance of this event is taking place this summer in Madrid on June 24th and 25th, intended for university students, young professionals (aged 18-35 years) and guest speakers from the space industry, space agencies, space non-governmental organizations and research laboratories. The purpose of the event is to gather together people who are passionate about space coming from different backgrounds to enhance interdisciplinary professional networks and exchange of ideas regarding the future of the space field.

SG[France]2023: Make Space!

ENSEIRB MATMECA 1 Avenue du Dr Albert Schweitzer, Talence, Bordeaux, France

SG[France]2023 will take place in Bordeaux on May, 13th 2023. Join us to celebrate SG[France]'s 5th anniversary and to Make Space!

SG[Germany] 2023: Beyond the Horizon

TU Berlin Straße des 17. Juni 135, Berlin

In 2023, SG[Germany] will be back again this year in person: Beyond the Horizon: The Power of the German Space Industry With this edition, we intend to bring together international students and young professionals to inform and provide attendees with an overview of the current state of the German space sector, including its key players, and upcoming milestones. We want to showcase the latest advancements and innovations through presentations and demonstrations from industry experts. The program will consist of keynote speeches and panels, followed by a round of discussions where participants are split into groups and work together on proposed topics guided by subject matter experts from our sponsors. As was the case last year, the audience will have a proactive role in the event! The language will be English since the organisers aim to be inclusive and diverse concerning participants and panel experts. #SGGermany #SpaceMadeinGermany