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Please note: this form is to submit proposals for local events only. Regional events follow a specific bid process.

If you plan to organise a partnered event, please send your proposal/concept note/event description directly to the Events Coordination Team ([email protected]).

Would you like your event to be endorsed by SGAC (via our social media or potentially the SGAC newsletter) and/or would you like to use our SGAC logo at your event, please reach out to the Events Coordination Team with your proposal.

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SGAC organises one Regional Event, or Space Generation Workshop, per year and per region.  Call for “Host Country” are posted regularly according to the timeline below. 

The calls are open to SGAC members in the corresponding region.  Ideal bids should come from countries able to attract sponsorships and qualified speakers to the event.

In your bid, should be explained why the suggested city would be a perfect place for the Space Generation Workshop. For this, information about the following should be included:

  • Suggested date
  • Venue (cost, capacity, access)
  • Location (travel, accommodation, etc.). The city proposed shall be easy to access from abroad (max 1 flight)
  • Estimated budget
  • Possible local sponsorships for the event
  • Short bio (with date of birth) of the Event Manager and Co-Event Manager

The following items are a plus:

  • Prior experience with organizing events and with SGAC (either team membership or attending an SGAC event)
  • Letters of support to the bid from organizations, universities, associations etc.
  • Event in conjunction with the Workshop (major space event / conference / congress / program)
  • Suggested program for the workshop (including potential speakers)
  • Suggested sustainable plan for the Workshop (including concrete measures to reduce environmental impact of the event, e.g. no single use plastic, encouraging travelling by train instead of plane, etc.)

Important to know:

  • Bid has to be submitted by National Point of Contacts. If your country does not have an NPoC, please liaise directly with the Regional Coordinators and Regional Events Coordinator before submitting your proposal
  • The maximal length of the proposal is 5 pages (appendixes like supporting letters and full CVs of the Event Manager and Deputy Manager do not count in this limit)
  • The Event Manager could be any SGAC member (aged 18-35 and registered on the SGAC website), with citizenship or temporal residency from the corresponding region
  • The Deputy Event Manager could be any SGAC member (aged 18-35 and registered on the SGAC website)
  • The SGW Manager and Deputy Manager will work under the supervision of the SGAC Regional Events Coordinator
  • These are Volunteer Positions
  • The bid will be evaluated by the [Region] Regional Coordinators, the SGAC Events Coordination Team and the previous corresponding SGW Event Managers
  • If the bid is accepted, the Event Managers will receive a starter kit for SGAC events

Ready to submit a proposal? Download the proposal form here.


Any questions? Please reach out to [email protected].