The Our Giant Leap Podcast #RadiOGL, from the Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group, goals are to educate and raise awareness on the topic of gender equality and diversity in the space industry, and to bring visibility to professionals from the space sector, by letting them become potential future role models for the audience.

Topics are discussed in a safe and welcoming environment and are related to gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the space sector. After listening to the podcast, the audience will benefit from concrete advice and tools to implement in their everyday life and workplace.

In a few words, the Our Giant Leap Podcast consists of:

  • 1 guest and 2-3 hosts from the Our Giant Leap Podcast team
  • 45 min to 1h episodes
  • Answers to a problematic related to diversity in space
  • Fun facts about the space sector
  • Tangible outcomes for the listeners 

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