The RESEARCH team is dedicated to finding the best common practices to embrace diversity and foster gender equality. In order to apply them effectively, the team collect statistics on the representation and statuses of different minority groups at SGAC and beyond. The research team is also in charge of translating recommendations from our delegates into concrete actions and new OGL projects. The group works closely with all other teams within the PG and collaborates with other SGAC members.


The PADAWANS long-term project aims at introducing to young children, from all walks of life, a multitude of professions and profiles in the space sector by inviting them to share hands-on experiences with SGAC members in their classrooms. Thanks to this pool of students and young professionals invited in their classrooms, as well as the support of the teachers, children will be able to project both their current interests and themselves onto the space sector. In addition, as parents play a key role in the education of their children, they are also invited to participate in these activities.

DIVINAS: DIVersity IN Astronaut Selection

The DIVINAS long-term project focuses on the diversity in astronaut and other space mission recruitment. Its main goals are to promote and encourage diversity during the processes, as well as to understand their different strategies and impact on society. Through different activities, the objective of this project is to increase diversity in general in the application for astronaut selection, in private and public space agencies.

FIGURES: Fill In the Gap in hUman REsearch in Space

The FIGURES long-term project aims at contributing to closing the gender data gap in human spaceflight and exploration. This objective translates to connecting analogue mission crews and space medicine institutes by suggesting experiments to be carried out during analogue missions, following a specific protocol of sex-disaggregating data. Such a protocol ensures a systematic generation of more sex-specific data and therefore allows a more complete understanding of physiology and behaviour of analogue and future astronauts.


The Communication & Outreach team embodies all communication activities of the Project Group. The overarching objective is to inspire and unite the global SGAC community around such important topics as diversity and inclusion. Concretely, this long-term project will provide support for all communication activities and needs of the Project Group.