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International Astronautical Congress 2021

Edinburgh Women in Space 2021



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Shifted lunar perspectives on habitats and women on the Moon with Dr. Barbara Imhof

From changing your old habits to enhancing your leadership skills with Dr. Anna Chrobry


From facing the imposter syndrome to gaining some self-confidence with Dr. Anna Chrobry

Why do we need more women astronauts? with Dr. Michaela Musilova and Prof. Virginia Wotring

Tips to prepare your astronaut application! with Romain Charles, Dr. Volker Damann and Laura André Boyet



All of them to be the next generation of astronauts? with Dr. Jackie Bell, Dr. Lucy Roger, Dr. Ilaria Cinelli and Dr. Cyprien Verseux

Towards a more inclusive space sector for women, with Clementine Decoopman, Catherine Lambert, Hélène Lemonnier and Bethany Downer



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An inspiring message from 2 SGAC Executive Directors

An inspiring message from Jean-Yves Le Gall

An inspiring message from Claudie Haigneré

What does gender equality means to you?