Event theme: Space for our future, pursuing sustainability on earth and in space

The 22nd edition of the Space Generation Congress (SGC) aims to embark you on a transformative journey towards ensuring a sustainable tomorrow in space and on Earth.

In an era marked by an unprecedented surge in space activities, the stakes have never been higher. Orbital congestion, debris accumulation, frequency scarcity, and optical and radio pollution are all threatening the sustainable uses of space. As representatives of the next generation of space leaders, at SGAC we are deeply committed to addressing these challenges head-on, safeguarding the exploration and use of outer space for all humanity, present and future.

Our mission is clear: define an Intergenerational Pact for Space Sustainability that can contribute to shaping a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable space environment. Building upon the groundbreaking work of the Space Generation Advisory Council Policy Platform we continue to share the united voice of the space youth, ensuring that the perspectives of young space enthusiasts can be heard loud and clear all over the world. 

In harmony with the theme of the 75th International Astronautical Congress, SGC24 will discuss the two-folded dimensions of sustainability. Firstly, we will delve into the imperative of ensuring the sustainable uses of space itself, safeguarding it as a resource for generations to come. Secondly, we will examine the interconnectedness between space and Earth, recognizing the profound impact of space technologies on our daily lives and their contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Under the theme  of “Ensuring Sustainability on Earth and in Space for our Shared Future,” we invite you to join us in shaping a future where sustainability serves as the guiding principle in our journey to the stars.