On behalf of the Space Generation Congress 2024 Organising Team, we are pleased to welcome you in Milan to join us for the 22nd SGC. The annual SGC brings together delegates and colleagues from government, industry, academia, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs to debate and discuss issues affecting our fast-growing sector.

Please find below a list of commonly asked questions and their respective answers.


  • How can I participate at SGC? 

The Space Generation Congress is only open to students and young professionals aged 18-35, who have successfully applied through SGAC and/or been given a scholarship seat by one of our partners. Applications for SGC2024 are now closed. Keep an eye on the SGAC news page and social media for updates on SGC 2025 in Sydney, Australia and how to apply!


  • How can I apply to be a delegate for the SGC2024?

Applications to be a delegate for the 22nd Space Generation Congress 2024 are now closed.  


  • How can I apply to be a moderator for the SGC2024?

Applications are now closed

This year, we are offering moderator positions to our delegates! Please include in your application to the SGC 2024 delegate cohort that you would like to be considered to be a moderator for one of our working groups when prompted.

Applications to be a moderator for the 21st Space Generation Congress 2024 will open soon.  Keep an eye on the SGAC news page and social media for updates.


  • Where is the SGC Venue?

The 22nd Space Generation Congress will take place at the MICO Convention Centre, the largest conference facilities in Europe. It can accommodate up to 21.000 participants in 70 fully equipped conference rooms with permanent control booths.

Featuring two plenary rooms, one with seating 4,000 and the other 2,000, an Auditorium that seats 1,500, 65 breakout rooms and 50.000 square metres of exhibition space Allianz MiCo is the ideal venue for every event it represents the perfect venue for extraordinary international conferences requiring a large number of rooms. The exhibition halls offer 54,000 m2 of exhibition space and can also be set up as extra plenary rooms accommodating more than 5,000 individuals.


  • If you could please talk on how the WG at SGC works? What would we need to do?

    • Before the event

You will be introduced to the sponsors through email and the moderator of each specific working group will share some reading material which will help you understand what the topic is all about.

    • During the event:

You will be introduced to the sponsors, they will go through the topic with you in detail and explain what their motivation is to put the topic as a working group topic and what they expect from you. Each sponsor will have different expectations in terms of what objectives they want to achieve, and they will be there to support you throughout the three days. Your role, essentially, will be to brainstorm ideas and to talk to other delegates in your group to share ideas and discuss how you can tackle the specific problem that has been proposed to you. 

In the third day, you will mostly work on a presentation. This will be presented to the entire SGC community towards the end of the third day. It will then be filed into a report reader, which template will be given to you during the working group activity.


  • Can we come accompanied to the evening nights?

Unfortunately, no. Within the cost of your SGC ticket we also include some of the expenses for the evening events so, there is no +1 or +2 for any of the evening events.


  • So, not everyone is invited to the closing dinner?

All the delegates of SGC are invited to the closing dinner. The participants of the closing dinner are mainly not just the guests of the events but also many of the partners and SGAC stakeholders. The dinner itself is not just the event closing dinner but also the annual event of SGAC. That is the reason why there is a specific list of guests. Furthermore, it is not just a classic dinner, you will have some entertainment, the assignment of specific prices, speeches… It is a crucial event for SGAC. So, dress fancy and enjoy the night!


  • What is the dress code? And what things should we have with us i.e. laptop… notebook?

    • During the event: Business formal/smart casual clothes
    • International night: cultural attire, anything that relates to your country.
    • Closing dinner: formal attire 

→You can refer to the dedicated section in the Delegate Handbook for tips and more details.

For the event itself, and especially for the time you will spend with your working group, we would advise you to come with the necessary material to take note and do some research (e.g. notebook, pen, laptop or tablet…).


  • For those with severe life-threatening allergies, who do we inform? For example, nut allergies etc.

You should also have filed that information during your registration, while buying the ticket. In case of any doubt, please send us an email as soon as possible at [email protected] (e.g., allergies, suitable pharmaceutical to take in case of allergic reaction, etc.). 


  • I haven’t received the email of the working groups assignment – have you sent it out already?

In case you are missing information, about the working groups or any other topic, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will make sure you are provided with every detail. 


  • Where can we access the delegate handbook?

You should have received the first version of the Delegate Handbook by email, and you will be soon receiving the second one with updated information (e.g., schedule, evening events, tips related to the travel, etc.)


  • How should we structure our conference? How do you think we should take advantage of the whole conference

First, get some rest before and after the event! It will be a tight and intensive schedule. We start very early in the morning and end late at night.

panels. For the SGC there is nothing per se that you have to do on your own about how to structure your day. We will have keynotes and panels, usually at the beginning, and around 9 hours of time dedicated to the working groups spread throughout the three days.

On the first day it will be a lot of introductions, a lot of ice breaking for your working groups slot and meeting the sponsors. The idea for you is to start getting to really understand the topic and getting to meet everybody. In the evening, there are the evening events, more open for informal setting. 

Otherwise, if it’s your first SGC, here are some tips:

  • Be there on time!
  • Get as much interaction as possible, make full use of the coffee breaks. Try to talk to as many people as you can, be as engaging as you can be during the discussions.
  • Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on something, or don’t feel intimidated because other people coming to the event have quite qualified profiles. Be confident that your opinion matters, that we selected you because you are qualified to be in the discussion.
  • Pay attention throughout the keynotes and panels, where the discussion is often interesting, especially with the questions that the delegates can ask.
  • Stay active on the WhatsApp channel: it can be useful for practical arrangements, like car sharing, but also for networking.
  • If you are a bit shy or introverted, don’t worry. No one will force you to speak. But be assured that you will be among a welcoming community. 
  • Be respectful of the differences of everyone. We have people coming from everywhere and it is very important to respect who they are, where they are from, their culture etc. if you face any kind of issues, don’t hesitate to come to the organizing team and we will be happy to support you.