The Space Generation Fusion Forum logo represents the mission and purpose of the event.

The logo utilizes the same elements as both the Space Generation Advisory Council and the United Nations, featuring two olive branches crossed to symbolize peace. In this context, we intend to represent the peaceful uses of outer space — a nod to our relationship with the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. In the foreground, the outline of Pikes Peak represents the location of the SGFF. The burnt-orange hue from the mountains also represents Mars, while the grey represents the Moon. The Moon and Mars are of particular interest to explorers as the international space community prepares for missions to both these locations.

At SGFF, delegates “fuse” their perspectives and provide input that will hopefully influence the future of the industry, ultimately being part of humanity’s lift-off into previously unexplored regions of space.

The SGFF2024 team thanks SGAC members Christopher Nie and Lauren Smith for their contributions towards the creation of this logo in 2018, and their thoughtful consideration of what it should represent.