Meet the SG[France] 2022 team !

Marine Laumain
Marine LaumainEvent Manager

Marine is an Aerospace Engineering Student at TAS-ASTRO (ISAE-Supaero). She’s studying space system engineering there and would like to use her space skills to help with the climate change issue.

Among all the extraordinary things you can find in the space sector, the 2 that she is most passionate about are Space Exploration and Earth Observation. The first one because there is still so much to discover in our giant Universe and the second one because understanding our beautiful planet isn’t only very interesting but also extremely important (especially those days).

As a student she also used to belong to Asclepios, an association at EPFL in Switzerland which organizes analog missions (simulations of an extra-earth mission) “made by students for students”.

Marine was part of the last SG[France]2020 event as part of the program team. She really liked the concept and decided to be more involved in the next one!

Gueorguy Serafimov
Gueorguy SerafimovDeputy Event Manager / Sponsors Team

Gueorguy is an aerospace engineer graduated from ISAE SUPAERO and ENSAM who has previously been working for BearingPoint, a global business consultancy firm. As part of his aerospace engineering curriculum, Gueorguy specialized in mission analysis. During his last internship, he worked as a flight dynamic intern for ScanWorld, an ambitious brussel-based space startup providing hyperspectral imagery for environmental and agricultural monitoring.

He will soon take on a position as a flight dynamic engineer for D-Orbit, an Italian New Space company providing ‘last-mile’ logistical services for LEO satellite deployment.

His career change decision in the space industry was motivated by the many new dynamics the sector has been facing for the last 5 to 10 years. To him, SGAC represents this new impetus for the new generation of students and young professionals willing to take part in the space journey.

François Leproux
François LeprouxProgram Team

Graduated from ISAE-ENSMA in mechanical engineering (2019) and from ISAE-Supaero in Space System Engineering (2020), François Leproux is now working at Nimesis Technology in Metz. In a few words, he develops space mechanisms based on shape memory alloys for satellites and space exploration vehicles, for example to deploy solar arrays. He loves to design new space components and to work with small companies as well as space agencies.

Long term space enthusiast, he is involved in many associations to promote the space sector such as the 3AF (French association of aerospace) for which he organized many events and conferences or SGAC for which he was involved at the early age of Our Giant leap (SG[France]2020). He is now in charge of the regional group “Grand Est” of 3AF. Finally, he is passionate about space history and wrote an essay about the cancelled European spaceplane, Hermès.

François is also candidate to the 2022 presidential election in France: #Legroux2022

Chrisy Raharison
Chrisy RaharisonProgram Team

Materials scientist engineer graduated from ENSCBP (Bordeaux), she is deeply interested in the space start-up ecosystem and did an advanced master in ISAE-SUPAERO about innovative management projects and entrepreneurship (MGPIE) in 2021. During her experiences, she worked on thermal protective materials for the Perseverance rover in UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) in the US, for Ariane launchers with the PERSEUS PEGASE project, and for the CEA. She got introduced to the start-up world thanks to two ActInSpace hackathon involvements (2018, 2020) and one Cassini Hackathon (2021) using space technologies.

Space lover since her childhood, she loves to share her passion thanks to her involvement in 3AF – Aquitaine group and in the local astronomy associations. After two participations at SG[France] as delegate, she wanted to help to organize it as the subject of the SG[France] 2022 is about space start-up !

Jérémy Aubert
Jérémy AubertProgram Team

French engineer, graduated from INSA Toulouse (2021) in embedded systems engineering. After an internship at ONERA-The French aerospace lab, he is now studying space systems engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO (Advanced Master TAS Astro-SEEDS). His goal is to work for space exploration and manned spaceflights.

He shared his enthusiasm for space at INSA Toulouse with a student organization named INSpAce. During one of the different activities and events he joined to fulfil his passion for space, his team won the first prize of a space-themed “start-up week-end” at ISAE-Supaero (2019) with a project of water recycling with plants. After being a delegate since the 2019 edition of SG[France] at Paris, he wished to switch to the organisation team!

Paul Bauerlé
Paul BauerléProgram Team

Recently graduated from ISAE-ENSMA (Aerospace Engineering) and Cranfield University (Astronautics & Space Engineering), Paul is keen on space and enjoys sharing his passion. Last year, he led the CranSEDS team for the European Rocketry Challenge 2021, designing and building a rocket targeting 3 km altitude as a project manager and systems engineer.

He participated in the Act In Space Hackathon 2020 with awesome teammates from the SGAC community who were part of the SG[France] 2021 organisation team. The great experience with those dynamic people attracted Paul to join the 2022 organisation team. He previously organised space related events during his studies and is glad to pursue the venture.

Thibault Santonja
Thibault SantonjaSponsors Team

French computer science graduate from UTC (Université de Technologie de Compiègne), passionate about space. He does his apprenticeship at Thales Alenia Space Cannes, in Scientifics pre-projects department, where he develops some programs to analyze, simulate and design space missions. Here, he works on different missions, like EnVision, CHIME or the Lunar Gateway.

Thibault strongly believes that space and science have an important role to play to protect the Earth, and he wants to participate in.

Fabien Porras
Fabien PorrasSponsors Team

French aerospace engineer from Toulouse (and Venezuela), he graduated from IPSA (2021) in Space Vehicles. He worked on satellite atmospheric reentry in the context of space debris mitigation, at Airbus Defence and Space for six months. Actually enrolled in an Advanced Master at ISAE-SUPAERO (TAS Astro – SEEDS), he aspires to contribute to reducing space junk but also to be involved in space exploration.

Long-term space enthusiast, he led a project with French Space Agency (CNES) on space debris active removal solutions. After being a Delegate for SG[France] 2021 in Lille, he decided to join the SGAC community and to be part of the organisation team for the next SG[France] event !

Julien Rondey
Julien RondeySponsors Team

French aerospace engineer from Annecy, Julien graduated from IPSA in 2021 with a major in Space, Launchers and Satellites. He carried out his end-of-study internship as a Cost Engineer Trainee for Space Programs at Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse. Currently enrolled in an Advanced Master at ISAE-SUPAERO (TAS Astro SEEDS), Julien is willing to be involved in Space Exploration missions to broaden our knowledge about our planet, solar system, and universe.

After taking part in the wonderful SG[France]2021 event as a Delegate, he wanted to join the SGAC french community and belong to the organizing team of one of its annual local events !

Albert Rodríguez
Albert RodríguezSponsors Team

Graduated from Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain, in Aerospace Engineering and also in Telecommunications Engineering. Albert Rodríguez is currently enrolled in the Master’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO, in Toulouse. He has been working for GTD Systems as a System Engineer in the H2020 Project called SAMMBA (Standard And Modular Microlaunchers BAse services). He has also been collaborating as a Research Assistant in the UPC NanoSat Lab, helping in the development of two CubeSat missions called 3Cat4 and RITA Payload.

Although not having participated in any SGAC project yet, he is a space passionate and is very looking forward to getting involved in this amazing experience.

Clara Banchereau
Clara BanchereauLogistics Team

Clara is a second year aerospace engineering student at Elisa Aerospace. Clara is willing to step out of her comfort zone to get what she wants. She has always had a passion for space exploration and wants to work in this field. Her short-term goal is to get her engineering degree and join the TAS Astro Advanced Master (ISAE-SUPAERO).

Clara only discovered SGAC in 2020. Finding an association of like-minded people was amazing! She decided to get involved, and she was a delegate during SG[France]2021. Clara’s goal is to become more involved in the organization of SG[France]2022!

Min Cui
Min CuiLogistics Team / Communication Team

Min is a graduate from IPSA (Paris, France) with a Master’s degree in Aerospace engineering, with a specialization in Space Launchers and Satellites. For her end-of-studies internship, she worked on the calculation of risks associated with uncontrolled re-entry, at the French Space Agency (CNES). She has been involved in three space missions design : the EREBUS mission concept (Capitanio, L. et al.EREBUS), the PAHST mission concept within 2017 Alpbach Summer School events and a space mission concept to remove space debris as part of her Master’s final project. She loves designing a space mission and organizing space events as a team.

She enjoyed participating in SG[France]2020 Our Giant Leap event, which motivated her to be part of the SG[France]2021 organization team. She enjoyed every single moment of the event organization: team meeting, team building and the day of the event. These beautiful experiences motivated her to get involved again in the organization of the SG[France]2022 and she believes that the event will be as successful as events from previous years.

Lucille Baudet
Lucille BaudetDelegates Team

Lucille is currently working as Marketing & Sales Manager at Oxford Space Systems in the UK. A graduate from Toulouse Business School, she is specialising in Business and Marketing including strategy, product development and customer relationships, with 7 years’ experience in the space sector.

Lucille got involved in SGAC through her previous job by setting up the Open Cosmos Academy Ambassador program and joined later on in April 2020 as Strategic Partnerships Team Co-Coordinator. She provided support to the SG[France]2021 sponsors team but wanted to be fully part of the organising team for the 2022 edition!

Marie Lambert
Marie LambertDelegates Team

Marie is a final year engineering student at IPSA (Toulouse) with a specialization in Aerospace Vehicles. Always looking for new challenges and opportunities, she also has completed a semester abroad at the University of Limerick (Ireland) and is currently studying Engineering and Management as an Erasmus student at Politecnico di Torino (Italy). She is improving her knowledge in Project Management in the hope of leading major aerospace projects in the near future.

Marie is passionate about Human Spaceflight and Space Exploration with her ultimate goal being to devote her professional career to it. She was a scientific animator at the Cité de l’Espace (Toulouse, France) and interned at ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab for a few months as a space propulsion intern. Always eager to learn more about the space domain, she joined SGAC in 2020 and was a delegate for SG[France]2021. Marie hopes through SGAC to meet fellow students and young professionals fascinated about space and share her passion. She also loves to travel, meet new people and is looking forward to working abroad in a multicultural environment. As a space enthusiast, she thinks international cooperation is essential in the next decades to tackle the amazing challenges to come.

Lucia Teng
Lucia TengCommunication Team

French engineering student at EPF (Aeronautics and space major, conception minor). Lucia is a last year student with a part-time contract (apprenticeship) at Arianegroup on Ariane 6. Next, she wants to do an Advanced Master at ISAE-Supaero in Toulouse (TAS Astro).

After an internship in Vienna on Solar Flares at the institute of Astronomy, she is more than ever ready to be involved in SGAC !

Simon HAMELCommunication Team

A French engineer, he graduated from the ISAE-ENSMA school of aerospace engineering in Poitiers, France with a specialization in structural and material engineering in 2018. Because he was born 200 years too late to explore the Earth, Simon’s always wanted to be part of the amazing endeavor of conquering space. After interning in Denmark and in Bayonne and with an experience at Airbus Commercial Aircrafts in Toulouse as a system engineer, he is currently working at the Space Center of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, on the development of a solution to remove debris from low-earth orbit, in the frame of the ESA ADRIOS program.

Simon joined SGAC last year, was part of the SG[France]2021 organizing team and decided to get involved in the organization of SG[France]2022 in the hope that he could participate in fostering development and innovation within the European space sector through collaboration with other industries.

And our French National Points of Contact:

Pauline Delande
Pauline DelandeFrench NPOC

Graduated from INSA Toulouse (Mechanical Engineering) and ISAE-Supaero (Space Systems Engineering), Pauline is now working at CNES in Toulouse as “Earth Observation Satellite Operations Engineer”. In a few words, her role is to prepare/schedule/organize satellite operations, ensure subsystem and equipment performances (for both platform and payload) and investigate anomalies.

She has also a background with SGAC: in 2018, she received a SGAC-CNES scholarship to participate in IAC before joining the Executive Committee as Membership Manager. Knowing and being able to understand better how SGAC works, she wanted to organize a local event: the perfect opportunity to meet and work with/for the very dynamic SGAC community in France, while tackling a subject that is close to her heart. In parallel to being SG[France]2020 Deputy Event Manager, Pauline is also one of the 2 National Points of Contact for France.

Guillaume Thirion
Guillaume ThirionFrench NPOC

Along with his M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at the French University of Civil Aviation (ENAC, Toulouse) followed by a Space Systems Engineering Advanced Master (ISAE-Supaero, France) and a Master’s degree in Geophysics (IPGP, Paris), Guillaume has focused his research on human spaceflights. Within the SpacE Exploration Development Systems project from ESA, he worked on Life Support Systems for a lunar habitat. Today, his research interests include the use of terrestrial analog sites in both understanding geophysical/geological processes on other planets as well as in the context of crewed space exploration, the adaptation and test of technologies on analogs and research about ISRU.

Guillaume joined SGAC in 2017, participated in some events and eventually became one of the two National Points of Contact for France for 2019-2021. One of his main objectives at this position is to work and participate in creating a dynamic SGAC community in France.