On behalf of the SG[Germany] 2023 Organising Team, we are pleased to welcome you to Berlin to join us for the first in-person SGAC regional event in Germany. The event brings together delegates and colleagues from government, industry, academia, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs to debate and discuss developments and outlook of the fast-growing space sector.

Please find below a list of commonly asked questions and their respective answers. 

What is SG[Germany] 2023?

SG[Germany] is a one-day event designed for international students and young professionals who are interested in exploring the German and European space sector. This event provides a unique opportunity for attendees to discover the current state of the industry, key players, upcoming milestones, and cutting-edge developments in the field.

The event will be held on 17 June in Berlin, Germany, and attendees will have the chance to network with experts and sponsors from the German space community. Whether you’re interested in space exploration, satellite technology, or space research, SG[Germany] offers a valuable platform to connect with other like-minded individuals and expand your knowledge in the field.

SG[Germany] will feature thought-provoking panel discussions and interactive round tables, where attendees can participate in discussions and share their perspectives on current topics in the industry. This will be a great opportunity to learn from experts and peers, and to engage in meaningful conversations that could help shape the future of the German space sector.

In addition to the learning and networking opportunities, SG[Germany] will also provide attendees with valuable exposure to some of the key players in the industry. You’ll have the chance to meet and interact with our generous sponsors and experts, who are excited to share their knowledge and insights with attendees.

Overall, SG[Germany] is a must-attend event for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and network in the German space sector. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and register now to secure your spot!

How can I participate at SG[Germany] 2023? 

The SG[Germany] 2023 event is open to students and young professionals aged 18-35. Ticket sales for SG[Germany] 2023 are now open, and we look forward to seeing you in Berlin. Tickets can be secured for 20 Euros and usually go quite fast, so we encourage you to take your ticket as soon as possible. Registrations are accepted until the 31st of May 2023.

Note: To attend any SGAC event you will need to be a registered member. SGAC membership and registration is free. See spacegeneration.org/register for more details. 

When and where is the event taking place?

SG[Germany] 2023 will take place on Saturday, 17 June 2023. The event is hosted on the premises of Technische Universität Berlin. 

What language will the Event be held in?

The event will be held fully in English. The organizers have made this decision to ensure inclusivity and diversity among participants and panel experts. As an international event, using English as the primary language ensures that all attendees, regardless of their native language, can fully participate and engage with the content and discussions. 

What does the SG[Germany] 2023 ticket include?

The SG[Germany] 2023 ticket includes the following: 

  • SG[Germany] 2023 delegate welcome pack
  • Access to engage with our sponsors and subject matter experts for round tables, keynotes, and panels
  • Catering onsite (coffee breaks and lunches)
  • Free Wi-Fi access at the venue
  • Speakers, staff and materials needed for the event

Not included in your ticket: 

  • Transportation to Berlin and within Berlin
  • Accommodation 
  • Optional excursions and activities planned before and after the event*
  • Any other expenses not directly listed above

For any questions related to the ticket or your application please contact the SG[Germany] 2023 Organising Team: [email protected]

* These activities will be announced closer to the event. They include tours, dinners and gatherings where attendees of SG[Germany] 2023 will be able to meet outside of the official event.

What is planned during SG[Germany] 2023?

SG[Germany] is a one-day event that includes keynote speeches, expert panel discussions, interactive round tables, and poster presentations. There will be breaks for coffee and lunch, as well as opportunities to network with sponsors and experts. It’s a great opportunity for young professionals to learn and network in the German space sector.

The preliminary event programme can be found at https://spacegeneration.org/sggermany2023-home/program

What is planned on the day before/in the evening of SG[Germany] 2023?

For the day prior to SG[Germany] 2023, the event organizing team is putting together a set of optional activities where attendees of SG[Germany] 2023 will be able to already meet in an informal setting. These events will be optional and will include activities around Berlin such as guided city tours and the option to gather for an evening dinner. The attendance to these events is not mandatory and will be at your own expense as it is not included in the event fee. Mode information will be shared in due course to all registered attendees. 

In the evening of SG[Germany] 2023, an optional dinner event is planned. This is a great opportunity to continue networking and socializing with fellow participants and experts. The location of the dinner event is currently being finalised and will be announced in due time. However, it’s important to note that the evening event is an optional activity not covered by your registration fee and dinner will be at your own expense. 

How can I select a round table topic?

You will be able to select your preferred round table topic after the registration. We will provide more information once the round table descriptions are finalised and will send you a registration link with all necessary information to all registered participants via email. 

Please note that this may happen during ticket sales and that your preferred round table theme may already be fully booked due to capacity limitations. Therefore, be quick with your ticket reservation and secure your seat right away. 

Who can attend the event? Do I have to be German?

You do not need to be German or be able to speak German to attend SG[Germany]. The event is open to anyone who is interested in learning about the German and European space sector, regardless of their nationality or background.

When should I arrive for SG[Germany] 2023?

SG[Germany] 2023 will start promptly at 08:30 on 17 June 2023. We recommend arriving a day early which will help in getting oriented to the city of Berlin and allow for sightseeing before the event kicks off. 

What is the dress code for the event?

The dress code for the event is business casual. This means that attendees are expected to dress professionally, but not necessarily in formal attire.

Will food and drinks be provided at the event?

Yes, food and drinks will be provided at the event and are included in the registration fee. The organizers of SG[Germany] 2023 understand that networking and engaging in thought-provoking discussions can be energy-consuming, and as such, they have made provisions to ensure that attendees are well taken care of. There will be refreshments, snacks, and a buffet-style lunch provided to keep attendees energized throughout the day. 

Can I purchase a ticket on the day of the event? Can I bring a friend with me to the event?

Only participants who have purchased a ticket online will be able to attend SG[Germany]. The event has a limited capacity, and the organizers need to ensure that they can accommodate all participants effectively. Additionally, by limiting the attendance to registered participants, the organizers can ensure that all participants receive the necessary materials and resources for the event. So, if you would like to attend SG[Germany], make sure to register as soon as possible to secure your spot.

Are there any keynote speakers or special guests?

Yes, SG[Germany] 2023 will feature keynote speakers and special guests who are experts in the international space sector. These speakers will share their insights, knowledge, and experiences on the current state of the industry, its challenges and opportunities, and its future prospects. Their presentations will be thought-provoking and engaging, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most distinguished experts in the field. The final list of speakers will be announced closer to the event.

Will there be networking opportunities at the event?

Yes, networking is a key component of SG[Germany] 2023. The event offers several opportunities for attendees to connect with each other, as well as with experts and sponsors from the German and European space sector. There will be designated networking breaks, interactive round tables, and a post-event reception, all of which will provide attendees with the chance to foster valuable connections, exchange ideas, and build relationships with peers and experts. Networking is a crucial part of professional development, and SG[Germany] is committed to providing attendees with ample opportunities to network and make meaningful connections in the German space community.

What should I bring with me to the event?

  • Eventbrite registration receipt (printed or on mobile phone)
  • Passport or ID
  • Notepad if desired 
  • Business casual attire

Is there a recommended hotel or lodging option for attendees coming from out of town?

All SG[Germany] 2023 delegates are required to make their own hotel arrangements in Berlin. In due course, the organizing team will provide hotel recommendations nearby to the event venue.

How can I get around in Berlin?

Berlin has an extensive public transportation network that includes buses, trams, trains, and subways. The most convenient way to get around the city is by using the BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) system, which is the main public transport operator in the city. You can purchase tickets at various vending machines located throughout the city or via the BVG app, which is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. 

It’s also worth noting that Berlin has a bike-sharing program called Nextbike, which allows you to rent a bike from various locations throughout the city. This is a great option if you want to explore Berlin at your own pace and enjoy some fresh air while doing so. Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are also available in Berlin, but they can be quite expensive compared to public transportation. 

So, whether you’re traveling to SG[Germany] or exploring the city during your free time, there are plenty of options available to help you get around Berlin efficiently and affordably. 

What is the refund policy if I am unable to attend the event?

If you are unable to attend SG[Germany] 2023, please note that tickets are non-refundable. The organizers have a strict policy on this as they need to ensure that they can manage the event’s budget and resources effectively. However, if you are unable to attend, you can transfer your ticket to another individual who is interested in attending the event. To do so, you will need to contact the organizers at [email protected] with the name and contact details of the person who will be attending in your place. This transfer should be done before the event, and it is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ensure that the transfer is completed accurately.