Round Tables

SG[Germany] 2023 aims to host 4 Round Tables. The goal is to inform and give participants an overview of the current state of the German space sector, including key players and upcoming milestones. We want to promote networking and collaboration between students and young professionals and strengthen the sense of community and shared passion for space and technology through an interactive and engaging programme. Therefore, the round tables are oriented towards current topics in the German and European space industry and our fantastic sponsors.

This page is updated regularly and its information can be subject to change.

Round Table #1

Leading Moon Exploration in Europe


This round table will bring together delegates and subject matter experts from Airbus to discuss Europe’s role in leading moon exploration efforts. Participants will discuss current and future missions, collaboration opportunities, and technological advancements in lunar exploration.

Leading Questions:

  1. What should the global Space industry roadmap look like in order for humans to inhabit the moon as quickly as possible?
  2. How do we drive positive change in the public perspective of lunar exploration in order to grow a viable economic model to support its continual growth?
  3. What infrastructure must be put in place to secure the Moon as a base for travel around and beyond the Solar System?


Round Table #2

Small Satellite Applications


Small satellites are widely recognized by industry experts as a crucial driver of the dynamic and rapidly growing space market. The capabilities of small satellite constellations are vast and varied, including but not limited to: high-speed internet connectivity, IoT networking, Earth observation data collection for climate research and disaster management, and navigation systems. 

This round table will focus on the diverse applications and advancements in small satellite technology. Delegates will engage in discussions about the growing role of small satellites in Earth observation, communication, scientific research, and other innovative applications.

Leading Questions:

  1. How can small satellites be effectively utilized for Earth observation, climate monitoring, and disaster response?
  2. What are the emerging trends and breakthroughs in miniaturized satellite technologies, propulsion systems, and data processing that will shape future applications?
  3. How can international collaboration and regulatory frameworks support the growth and responsible use of small satellites?


Round Table #3

Micro Launchers and Satellite Architecture

This round table will explore the development and potential of micro launchers and their implications for the German launcher . Participants will discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with micro launcher technology, launch infrastructure, and Germany’s ambitions in the space launch sector. Additionally, how concepts for a modular serviceable satellite architecture will be discussed. Participants will get an overview which satellite technology is used for micro launchers and which challenges arise.

Leading Questions:

  1. What are the key advantages and market opportunities offered by micro launchers for the commercial space industry?
  2. How can Germany leverage its existing infrastructure and expertise to support the development and operations of micro launchers?


Round Table #4

Space Commercialisation

This round table will focus on the commercial aspects of space exploration and utilization. Delegates will delve into discussions about commercial space ventures, public-private partnerships, space resources, and the economic potential of space industries in the cis-lunar environment.

Leading Questions:

  1. What are the emerging sectors and business models within the space industry that offer significant commercial potential?
  2. How can public-private partnerships foster innovation and drive the growth of commercial space activities?
  3. What are the key challenges that need to be addressed to ensure sustainable and responsible space commercialization?