Meet the SG[Nigeria] 2023 Team!


Nelly Ebruka-Helen

Event Manager

Nelly-helen is a lawyer and space advocate. She promotes space awareness in Africa through public speaking, storytelling and collaborating with public and private entities to organize capacity building projects for students and young professionals. Nelly is a member of the International Institute of Space Law and her academic research focus has been on the prevention of armed conflict in outer space. She is also  the   National point of contact of the Space Generation Advisory Council to Nigeria and currently works at the Defence Space Administration. As a team member in Spacehubs Africa, she is making efforts to promote youth participation in the African Space Sector. She co-founded the Learn Space Foundation in 2019, a non-profit that focuses on space and astronomy education for children in elementary and secondary levels of study .

Nelly-Helen has been listed by Space in Africa as one of the Top 10 under 30 young innovators contributing to the growth of the African Space industry and has been merited with the African Space Leader Award by the Space Generation  Advisory Council. Beyond the space sector, Nelly enjoys reading  and playing the acoustic guitar.

Isah Daniel Ugbede

Deputy Manager

Daniel is a passionate newspace enthusiast with a background in physics major currently transitioning into data science. He is a graduate of Kogi State University and has gained practical experience as a research and development intern at Nigeria Communication Satellite. He is interested in Satellite systems, Human spaceflight and Space exploration. 

In addition to his professional pursuits, He is also an advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He strongly believes that space technology can play a crucial role in achieving these goals. Daniel actively promotes the importance of utilizing space resources and technology to address global challenges and improve the lives of mankind both here on earth and in space.

One of Daniel’s notable qualities is his enthusiasm for educating young minds about space and its wonders. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts.


Event Supervisor

Abraham Tobiloba AKINWALE, MNSE, is a highly accomplished Consultant, Entrepreneur, and astute Investor with a profound passion for advancing the space industry in Africa and developing nations. As an influential leader, he currently holds the esteemed position of HR Co-Coordinator at the Space Generation Advisory Council, a global organization dedicated to shaping the future of space endeavors.

In addition to his significant role with the Space Generation Advisory Council, Abraham serves as the Vice President of Divine Services & Foundations, Inc., further demonstrating his dedication to impactful ventures and initiatives. Abraham’s academic journey is anchored by a distinguished Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He has also earned the privilege of being an alumnus of the revered International Space University, where he participated in the illustrious Space Studies Program in 2019. Abraham’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential of young minds in space science and technology is reflected in his dedication to promoting open innovations throughout Africa and beyond. As an ardent supporter of youth empowerment, he continually strives to create opportunities for growth, progress, and innovation in the space sector.

Organizing Team

Chioma Ezeigbo

Chioma Ezeigbo is a final year law student at the University of Nigeria with interest in Air & Space Law, and Aerospace Engineering.

She is the President of the University of Nigeria Students’ Bar Association (UNSBA), the first female President of the Association in over 35 years of its existence. She is also the founder and pioneer President of Space Club, University of Nigeria.

Chioma believes in the combo of STEM and Law, and is a passionate promoter of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and legal education.

Richard Chikeziri

Richard is an undergraduate law student of the penultimate class in the University of Calabar, Nigeria. He is a keen Space Law and policy enthusiast and is currently the Winner of the Regional Rounds of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 2023. 

Richard’s participation in this competition ignited his interest in space and it’s activities and he subsequently joined SGAC in 2020. He currently volunteers at LearnSpace Foundation, a fast rising non-profit organisation that promotes space education for high schools in Nigeria and he is currently looking for more ways to meaningfully engage and contribute to various space communities and promote societal development through space technology and applications.

Dara Obademi

Oluwadara Obademi is a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering, who currently works as an Internet of Things(IoT) Engineer at Prunedge Development Technologies Limited with years of experience in the Technology Space, Dara is someone who is passionate about science and technology, An advocate of technology and one who believes that Technology can make a Positive difference in the world and Africa in Particular. Dara is a Space Ethusiast who is always on the outlook for the next Space Expendition

A huge fan of the work done at NASA, a SpaceX bluff looking out for the next space related argument. When Dara is not doing Tech or Space, he is listening to some Afro-folklore music and bing watching skits and History video on Youtube.

Victor Oyiboka

Victor is a graduate of Physics from Delta State University. Having a track record of leadership,
volunteering and networking, he has served in various capacities in the field of Geosciences
and Astronomy. He is contributing his knowledge in the field of Planetary sciences and
Victor is interested in formation and evolution of Exoplanets by combining numerical simulations
with Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical and Astronomical theory and observations to
explore his science questions.
Victor is a member of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) Nigeria. He’s also part of the
delegate team for the SGAC organizing team.

Husseinat Etti-Balogun

Almost graduated from the Federal University of Technology Akure, with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Husseinat is currently volunteering within multiple communities while aiming to pursue a masters degree in Space Systems Engineering. She is improving her knowledge in server side programming in the hope of leading major aerospace projects in the near future that aim to decentralize space software.

Husseinat is passionate about Open Source Software, Human Spaceflight and Space Exploration with her goal being to devote her professional career to it. Deeply passionate about space and the journey to making humans a multi-planet species, she joined the SGAC team to learn more and share her passion with people in the industry. She also loves to travel, meet new people and is looking forward to working abroad in a multicultural environment. 

Barnabas Okike-Osisiogu

Okike-Osisiogu Barnabas Joshua is a 300 level law student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has keen interest in International Law and Space Policy. In pursuit of this, he has contributed to the formation of numerous Space societies on campus like the Space Law Club and Space Club UNN (SCUN) where he and other young minds hope to raise awareness of the necessity of the Space Industry to students on campus. He also currently serves as the Vice President of the Space Club, and chairs the Editorial Team of the Space Legal Weekly publication of the Space Law Club. 

Following his constant drive for the growth of the space sector, he applied to be a delegate at SG Nigeria 2023. He wishes to contribute towards developing better policies that provide for commercial outer space. 

Victor Dennis

Victor is a Physics Electronics graduate from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. He was also SGAC’s first remote intern in 2021. He has a keen interest and experience in Scientific Research, Aerospace, Digital Marketing, Business Development, and Cybersecurity.
Adopting an optimistic outlook towards the future, he strategically leverages his extensive skills and expertise across various domains. Additionally, he actively seeks to expand his knowledge in diverse areas relevant to his fields of interest. His primary objective is to establish a thriving professional career while contributing to the growth and operational efficacy of the broader Space industry.

Abass Abdul Azeez

Abass Abiola Abdul Azeez is an award winning writer and public speaker. A final year student of Surveying and Geoinformatics in the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

He’s a youth leader who has harnessed the power of collaboration in successfully executing a number of community engagement events. He is actively developing his leadership ability by embracing servant and visionary leadership. He’s a serial volunteer and team player.

He’s a communicator with special interest in strategic communication and digital communications. He has the goal of contributing to space projects and events through space communications and space journalism.

Bala Bashir

Bashir Sani Bala is a geographical information system (GIS) analyst and a Scientific Officer with the National Space Research and Development Agency. He is an avid reader, writer and a member of Toastmasters International. Bashir is passionate about GIS, and use of space applications and spatial skills as tools to
solve problems. He uses his technical skills with GIS to explore and analyze spatial data using different methods applied to a variety of different applications like flood risk and malaria mapping, site suitability analysis and environmental management for sustainable development.

Mercy Akintola

He is an undergraduate student dedicated to pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Throughout his academic journey, he has honed his skills in various facets of geospatial sciences, including Remote Sensing, Field Data Collection, Data Management, Geospatial Analysis, and Machine Learning Engineering.

His ultimate aspiration is to empower individuals eager to learn and grow in the field of Space Mapping, ultimately benefiting their communities. Onaopemipo envisions a future where he can facilitate access to space mapping resources, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Onaopemipo is an adventurer at heart. He relishes the opportunity to meet new people from diverse backgrounds and has an insatiable desire to explore the world.

Priscilla Adikwu

Priscilla, a law graduate from Bingham University, is currently working at the Defense Space Administration. With a passion for counseling and helping others, Priscilla has gained experience and a continuous drive from her interactions with people. She discovered her love for assisting and empowering individuals while working as a counselor and mediator in the Ministry of Justice Calabar, Cross River State. Alongside her legal expertise, she has also developed skills in marketing and management over the years.

Priscilla’s focus is on promoting space development globally, with a particular interest in Africa. She provides viable business strategies for startups in the space industry. As a member of the Space Generation Advisory Council, Priscilla is actively involved in advocating for space business and entrepreneurship. She strives to expand general knowledge on the subject and encourage youth participation in this exciting field.

Oluwatosin Kolade

Tosin is a fourth year mechanical engineering major at the Obafemi Awolowo University. He is a driven and enthusiastic undergraduate researcher studying dynamical systems and controls. He has involved himself in a series of projects, one of them is an Upper limb stroke rehabilitation robot, PULSR, at the Applied Artificial Intelligence and Robotics research lab in Obafemi Awolowo University. 

He has a strong passion for aerospace engineering, robotics, and the interaction between the two fields. He is particularly interested in Astrodynamics especially high-speed and relativistic astrodynamics. As a result of that, he has a big dream to revolutionize space travel and exploration. 

He aspires to be at the forefront of the space sector both in his country and the world at large by leading and collaborating in cutting-edge research projects that innovate space applications. 

Blessing Vincent-Ohizu

Blessing is a Master’s degree certified Architect in Architecture. HER interest in the built environment is fascinated by how intriguing lines and forms can be envisioned and brought to life. Her passion for architecture and landscape design has been significantly inspired by my experience in a large city. Her work as an architectural graduate and my passion for travel has exposed me to other cultures, landscapes perspectives, and the environment. Her work experience has sharpened both her personal and professional skills as well as her ability to listen attentively to clients’ preferences and details, and to interpret their brief into their desired architectural design while improving their relationship with nature, outdoor space and unity and balance. She is working to improve her knowledge in Nature-Based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience which is a topic that is important in the world of today. 

Johnpaul Chikwe

Chikwe Johnpaul emerges as an extraordinary individual, a trailblazer whose influence spans the domains of science, technology, and societal change. Armed with a recent graduation in Physics Electronics, Chikwe adroitly bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications, a skillset that is elegantly showcased in his capacity as a data scientist and AI enthusiast.

As a seasoned TEDx Organizer, Chikwe orchestrates transformative events that galvanize discourse and ignite thought leadership. This prowess in event coordination is not only a reflection of his visionary organizational skills, but also his role as a sponsorship guru who masterfully forges alliances that bolster the success of his undertakings.

Emmanuel Lamba

Emmanuel is the Team Lead of AstroMania, an award-winning Space Tech startup that is on a mission to revolutionize vehicle telematics by leveraging space technologies. With their innovative approach, AstroMania has garnered prestigious accolades, including being the national winner and International Audience Award winner of the 2020 Actinspace International Space Hackathon organized by the France Space Agency (CNES) in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).

Emmanuel has a background in Telecommunication Engineering, with a passion for Satellite Engineering; he seeks to dive deeper into Space Optical Communication. His proficiency extends to Embedded Systems and Quadcopter UAV development, positioning him at the forefront of technology. 

Olumide Ogungbemi

Olumide S. Ogungbemi is a Research and Development (R&D) Specialist, Health Geographer and Geospatial Data Scientist. Adept at applying innovation solutions to resolve project challenges and increase overall organizational performance. Olumide is the co-founder of AGAPE Global Health and Education (AGHE) a non-profit organization addressing child community issues related to malnutrition and cholera through programmes and research that provide access to healthcare and quality education.

He is a graduate member of West Africa Institute of Public Health, He works as (R&D) for Sambus Geospatial Limited, an Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) official distributor in West Africa with Nigeria office, He is currently a data and research consultant for GISfor Africa to help mentor future Geographic Information System (GIS) experts in African countries by working these enthusiast through ESRI Africa GeoPortal platform to conduct research and provide insight for regional development.

Damilola Olufemi

Damilola is a Space Science Enthusiast and Geospatial Data Analyst with a strong background in Remote Sensing and Geoscience Information Systems. She obtained her degree from the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure, where she nurtured her passion for exploring the vast realms of space and its potential impact on Earth. Additionally, she was selected as a beneficiary of the renowned United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) Space4Women mentorship program, further fueling her dedication to the space industry.

Currently, she works as a remote research intern at the Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing, Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science at George Mason University, USA, where she leverages the power of geospatial technology and machine learning to explore innovative solutions.

Her core interest lies in spearheading research and projects focused on building resilience for climate change through space projects and the application of geospatial technology.