At SG Nigeria, we will dive deep into technical discussions and engage in stimulating working groups, exchange ideas, and shape the future of space technologies in the country.

Recommendations made during the event will be presented to the UN-COPUS, the Nigerian National Space Council, and other relevant public/private space stakeholders.

Working Group 1: Space Law & Policy 

This working group (WG) will explore the legal and policy frameworks currently supporting the growth and development of the Nigerian space industry. It will identify the present challenge and the need for comprehensive space legislation to regulate space activities, ensure compliance with international treaties, and promote responsible space exploration. The WG will also identify ways to improve the role of space law and policy in fostering international cooperation and partnerships for mutual benefit in space exploration.

Working Group 2: Space Technology For Public Security in Nigeria

This group will analyze the potential applications of space technologies in enhancing public security and safety measures in Nigeria. Discuss the current utilization of satellite-based surveillance, monitoring, and communication systems for disaster management, border security, and maritime surveillance. The WG will also address the challenges and opportunities in leveraging space technologies to strengthen national security infrastructure and emergency response capabilities.

Working Group 3: Space Entrepreneurship in Nigeria 

This group will discuss the emerging opportunities for space entrepreneurship in Nigeria and the necessary ecosystem to support it. It will also provide innovative business models, funding mechanisms, and investment opportunities in the Nigerian space industry.

Proffer solutions to the challenges faced by space startups, such as access to funding, and market penetration. The Success stories and best practices from established space entrepreneurs, foster collaboration and mentorship to inspire and guide aspiring space entrepreneurs.

Working Group 4: Satellite-based Flood Control in Nigeria

This working group will examine the potential of satellite imagery and remote sensing technologies in flood mapping, monitoring, and control in Nigeria. The role of satellite data in predicting and mitigating the impact of floods, facilitating early warning systems, and effective emergency response will be evaluated. 

The WG will analyze the integration of geospatial data, machine learning, and data analytics in flood management strategies. The WG will also identify the challenges in accessing and utilizing satellite data for flood mapping and control, and propose strategies to enhance data availability and dissemination.


These working groups will provide a platform for in-depth discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among participants, aiming to generate valuable insights and recommendations in their respective areas.