Sponsor SG[Spain]



e are always happy to hear from organizations and entities that are interested in sponsoring SG[Spain]. As a sponsor, you gain visibility and promotion of your activities and career opportunities within the SGAC network of young professionals, composed of over 16,000 members in over 165 countries worldwide.

You will also have the opportunity to capture valuable insight and innovative approaches on topics of your interest during the Working Groups with delegates. Benefit of the high cultural and background diversity in SGAC while also enhancing awareness of the Spanish career opportunities within local students and young professionals and improve their space passion and culture, as well as their professional competences.

Sponsoring SG[Spain] is also a great chance to create strategic networking relationships with worldwide space industry leaders and experts. Integrate SGAC as a member and benefit from the association’s future events, Project Groups, and sponsorship opportunities.

We have a sponsorship package where all the details as well as sponsor tiers and benefits are explained. If your organization is interested in sponsoring SG[Spain] 2022 or you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us through this address.