Space Climate Datasets and Interpretation for Everyone

Increasing access to space data can raise awareness about Earth’s situation. It helps to remove obstacles we have on our planet and change our perspective to see everything from a different angle. Climate change is one of the major problems humans face these days and needs social knowledge and engagement to be tackled. But understanding and interpreting Earth Observation datasets is not easy for everyone and it requires expertise. This presents a challenge that not everyone will become aware of the disruptive activities on Earth affecting climate change. The UN SDGs project of the Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group aims to give open access to space-based climate data to the public for increasing social engagement in climate change. This webinar will cover different topics that can help everyone become a local ambassador in their own community and raise awareness about climate data, data interpretation, policies and regulations, and data-sharing platforms. By the end of this webinar, you will get knowledge about accessible climate datasets, how to use them and interpret raw data, methods and platforms for sharing data with the public, and policies for making space data available.

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