Training like a parastronaut – a look into a unique first diving experience

Recently, our #DIVINAS member Tomas Ducai experienced his first underwater dive with a great instructor from Slovakia - Slovakia's one and only aquanaut Miroslav Rozložník! Paraplegic since birth, Tomas describes his feelings in this amazing parastronaut-like experience while he still prepares his selection for the next analog mission in the analog space habitat LunAres.

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Highlights of 2022 – Happy New Year 2023 with #OurGiantLeap

Happy New Year 2023! The Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group of SGAC is ready to jump into 2023, and we look forward to bringing you on board. In this blog news article, discover our highlights of 2022 and learn how you can get involved in our activities in 2023 - many opportunities are currently open!

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