What is Diversity?

Diversity encompassess many things – gender, age, culture, religious and political beliefs, nationality, language, academic background, heritage, and more. In the space industry it takes all kinds of people to make space exploration and the use of space possible.  

“Diversity in the workforce enriches our projects and benefit all in the long-run. Therefore I also choose the words equity and openness to describe diversity in the space industry as it could be two keys to overcome the diversity challenge. Let’s not forget that space is a field which is beyond nationalities or gender matters and which inspires passion regardless of age.”
Audrey Berquand, France, SGAC
“Diversity in the space industry refers to individuals of all types of backgrounds working in unity towards the success of space exploration. Diversity extends to more than cultural as it is also the appreciation of different roles within the space industry, particularly occupations that are unique and contribute towards the progress of the space sector.”
Bijou Mwaura, Kenya, SGAC
“Space is the future of humanity. It has numerous mysteries and people from different backgrounds, different cultures, speaking different languages collaborate and work as one. It has got a power to unite the world and beyond.”
Adhithiyan Neduncheran, India, SGAC
“We should combine the new innovative ideas of younger participants, with the experience and know-how of industry veterans.”
Isidora Casas del Valle Pacheco, Chile, SGAC
“For me accepting diversity means also to think about inclusiveness. By finding similarities in our differences it is possible to combine the strengths of each individual independent of origin or political or religious affiliation.”
Maria Grulich, Germany , SGAC
“Diversity, for me, is giving everyone the possibility to express themselves and their full potential.”
Francesca Letizia, Italy, SGAC

What is 3G Diversity?

3G IDEA Logo

The International Astronautical Federation (IAF) has developed an initiative called the IAF International Platform for Diversity and Equality in Astronautics (IDEA) fostering the principles of 3G – Geography, Generation, Gender.

In 2018, the Space Generation Advisory Council is the recipient of the IAF Excellence in 3G Diversity Award because the organisation upholds the 3Gs – Geography, Generation and Gender through its members, alumni, activities and leadership positions.

What Does Diversity Mean to SGAC?

At SGAC we value and actively promote diversity through events, scholarships, leadership positions and more.