What does the registration fee include?

Registration fee includes access to all of the events throughout AP-SGOW and will cover the following:

  • AP-SGOW Delegate Welcome Pack
  • Use of new online platform
  • Online Workshops with Subject Matter Experts
  • Fun Activities including Virtual Cafe, Space Trivia, International Night (and more fun challenges!)
  • Access to networking sessions including Meet ‘N’ Greet with other delegates and Speed Networking with notable space professional
  • Opportunity to win space-related awards and merchandise.


I only can attend one or two days of the workshop, is it possible?

Delegates do not have to attend all the sessions. However, delegates are required to attend all of the Working Group sessions and are highly encouraged to participate in the highlighted events such as the speed networking session. Although all the fun events are optional, participants will get points of engagement that will enable them to potentially win some space-related awards and merchandise.


This is the first SGAC event I will be joining, is it ok for me to apply?

Definitely! AP-SGOW is a great event for you to experience SGAC-hosted events. Although it will be held online, AP-SGOW includes all of the activities that are in an offline Space Generation Workshop and much more (since the organizers have planned fun activities for you to connect with other space enthusiasts!). Moreover, you will be able to join from the comfort of your homes.


Will certificates be given to delegates?

Yes, Digital Certificates will be sent to all registered delegates. However, full attendance and participation in the selected Working Group sessions will be required in order to certify each delegates’ participation.


My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?

If you have any question which is not listed above, you can contact  the AP-SGOW  team at [email protected]