Dorottya Milankovich

Event Manager

Dorottya has a degree in physics from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Currently, she coordinates the SpaceChemistry R&D Project at InnoStudio Zrt. She also participated in an international student rocket programme (REXUS Programme). Since 2014, she has been a board member of the Hungarian Astronautical Society (MANT) and Hungarian National Point of Contact at the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). Experienced in organising international conferences in Budapest (1st E-SGW Event-co manager) and in the US, Dorottya is also interested in radiation, space chemistry, and Earth Observation.

Istvan Arnocz

Deputy Event Manager

Istvan Arnocz is a Transport Engineer with a Master’s degree in Autonomous Train Control Systems from the Technical University Budapest (Budapest, Hungary). He has more than 4 years of work experience from Siemens AG where he managed outdoor and indoor installations and commissions of the Metro line 2 and 4 in Budapest. In parallel to engineering, Istvan also started to learn marketing (digital and print) and has worked in this sector as well. Joining SGAC in 2015 and becoming the NPoC for Hungary in early 2016, Istvan also worked with the Communications Team for the first E-SGW that took place in Budapest in February 2016. He has now founded a Space related startup called Space Apps which focuses on space data, GIS, IoT and ANNs.

Stephen Ennis

Communications Team Member

Founder of Trinity Space Society, bringing space to the life of Trinity College, Stephen is an active member of SGAC in the Small Sat Project Group. He is experienced in outreach and PR, but also have knowledge of various computer science fields such as C/C++, Python, R, OpenCV as well as X86, ARM and other hardware platforms. After studying at Notre Dame, Indiana and Trinity College Dublin, Stephen now works at ESA European Astronaut Centre, Infrastructure and Training Team Trainee.

Andras Ordasi

Communications Team Member

Andras Ordasi is an astronomer with a Master’s degree in Astronomy from the University of Szeged. He studied as a PhD student at the Doctoral School of University of Szeged from 2013 to 2016. Now he is working on his thesis as a research assistant at Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Space activities are in close relationship with his field of work, so three years ago he started widening his angle of view to this direction and this led to his participation at all three European Space Generation Workshop.

Mirta Medanic

Delegate Team Member

Mirta has her masters degree in electrical engineering and computing, at the University of Zagreb. She is also involved in satellite technologies. On the other hand her work experiences include project management, PR and Outreach. She has great knowledge in H2020 fundings for SMEs and Space.

Hannah Petersson

Delegate Team Member

Hannah is a Space Engineer from the University of Luleå, Sweden. She participated in trainings at ESA, and also at Space Studies Program at Haifa. Also participateing at the BEXUS EXIST program run by the European Space Agency and DLR, Hannah has technical background on Matlab, C, Latex, Linux, Labview, Simulink.

Barnabas Futo

Local team

Barnabás Futó is studying mathematics in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has attended the Space Academy organized by SGAC in 2016 and 2017.  Being a member of the Hungarian Astronautical Society, Barnabas is also a space enthusiast with his main fields of interest including machine learning, and data science.