Working Group 1

Transforming space dreams into space realities – possibilities to different space careers

Group members will discuss what key concepts should a student have in order to achieve a career in the space sector. What kind of knowledge and soft skills are required for working in different roles in this field? Given it’s massive interdisciplinarity, how can we determine whether we chose the right path or not? Where should a student look for opportunities to start getting in touch with space?

Working Group 2

How can the aerospace sector guide university students?

What perspectives can a student have with aspirations of working in this field? What skills are demanded, what are the most important attributes that a beginner can have in this field? What makes a successful proactive candidate? What are the different career paths in the aerospace/space sector available? How can the sector facilitate students to successfully deal with the needs of an aerospace job?

Working Group 3

Role of the European Commission and the national decision makers in space education?

Does space education require more support from the related European institutions or the local governments? How can the national decision makers cooperate with the educational institutions? What kind of support do students really need to get started, that can be provided by these institutions? How can the development process be facilitated? What kind of intensive workshops are available for undergraduate students? Will national authorities accept certificates of institutions of other countries?