New Space Consulting

The New Space Consulting Kft. was established in 2017 with the purpose of colligating, helping and developing the regional and Hungarian space sector in particular.
By doing so, NSC aims to conduct and organize space related projects in the most efficient way, as well as to coordinate the activity of the participants.
The company is committed to support and promote innovative ideas, and research & development, as NSC believes and knows that the spinoffs of the space industry affect our everyday lives in a highly beneficial way. For instance, the advantages of the space innovations can be traced in the area of healthcare, engineering, social science, natural science and so on.
NSC’s belief is that whoever invests in the space industry, he/she also builds the future of the humankind. In order to answer the most recent and crucial questions (e.g. blockchain technology, navigation systems, the “Big Data” problem or the Internet of Things) and to solve the most significant issues (e.g. climate change, energy-related problems) of the next generations, NSC has to utilize the opportunities provided by the space technologies. The company intends to play an active role in the fields mentioned above.

Sárhegyi & Partners Law Firm

Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm was founded in 1993 after the demerger from No. 59. Law Partnership Firm which provided services primarily in the fields of economic and foreign trade law already in the 1980s.
The Firm is characterized by constant innovation and growth reflected by both our fields of activity and the size of the Firm’s team. Sárhegyi and Partners Law Firm delivers a full range of services across the Firm’s platform of practices and sectors in tax, labour, company, financial, commercial, real estate and energy law. The Firm also has decades of experience in the field of real estate development, health law, corporate acquisition and printed and electronic media law and factoring.
The newest specialization of the Firm is international air and space law. According tot he Firm, this is one of the most innovative areas of law, therefore it is crucial to pay attention to this field. The Firm aims to play a juristic leading role in the aviation and space industry, this is the reason why they place strong emphasis on the members of the sector. Sárhegyi and Partners also provides a fully comprehensive legal service in case of transactions of any size.