Workshop Topics

Working Group 1: Sponsored by SmallSat Alliance

Environmental Monitoring and Earth Science

  • How can space data be applied to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change?
  • How can state and local governments capitalize and promote this growing industry to provide sorely needed insight into environmental changes within their borders? 

Working Group 2: Sponsored by SmallSat Alliance

Orbital Debris and Protecting the Space Commons

  • Should the US Government be placing regulations on how private companies utilize the available orbital slots in Space?
  • Propose a realistic and environmentally safe solution to dispose of old rocket and satellite debris.

Working Group 3: Sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Crew-Centric Spacecraft Design Approaches

  • What are some things we can do to design spacecraft/missions with the crew in mind? How can we learn from similar terrestrial based industries?

Working Group 4: Sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Next Generation Artemis Crew Selection

  • What are some skills that are going to be useful for the next generation of Artemis crew looking into the far future? How do we architect our spacecraft/suits/missions to be inclusive for all types of crew members?

Panel Discussions


Future of the Aerospace Industry Workforce

Putting Humans back into Space


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