Since 2014, SGAC has initiated a series of regional events, called the Space Generation Workshops (SGWs), which aim to bring together SGAC members and regional space leaders to discuss topics of relevance to the respective region.

SGAC organises one Space Generation Workshop per region and per year:

  • the Africa-Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW)
  • the European-Space Generation Workshop (E-SGW)
  • the Asia-Pacific-Space Generation Workshop (AP-SGW)
  • the South-America-Space Generation Workshop (SA-SGW)
  • the Middle-East-Space Generation Workshop (ME-SGW)
  • the North, Central American and the Caribbeans-Generation Workshop (NCAC-SGW)





Check out our Space Generation Workshops page for more information!


Space Generation Workshop Call Timeline: (note: this is subject to change)

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