The Our Giant Leap Hackathon 2022 will be held in Dajeon South Korea August 14-15 2022

Find below the preliminary programme of the event.

More than 8 hours of hacking are planned, along with other space enthusiasts and entrepreneurs!


The hackathon will be held two days before the annual international Space4Women conference, to take place also in Daejeon South Korea August 17-19 2022.

Mentored hackathon sessions

You will have 5 hackathon sessions with mentors! This is the time to test, discuss, showcase and practice pitching your solutions. We strongly encourage you to make the best use of this time with mentors who will be coming from Brazil, the US, Europe, and South Korea specifically to work with you! Come prepared with questions. 

Also we are currently looking into the possibility of providing you with databases and 3D printers for you to test your software and develop prototypes, if this is something you may need. Reach out to us ahead of time to specify the needs for your solution, and don’t forget to check available resources on the Our Giant Leap Hackathon GitHub repository!


Networking sessions

Use this chance to discuss your idea and build your network! Do not be afraid to share your idea with others, and do ask for feedback. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” – Eleanor Roosevelt. Let’s all be great!

As part of the application, we give you the chance to provide your CV. We will forward it to the sponsors of our event, and you may have the chance to discuss it with their representatives during the event. Use the networking sessions also to present yourself and express your interests.

Keynote speeches

Our distinguished keynote speakers will give you unique insight on the status of gender equality in the world, actions and advocacy for gender equality, and the applications of space technologies, processes, principles, and policies to enhance life on Earth, specifically to tackle gender inequality. Listen carefully for tips and be inspired by the speakers’ experiences and profiles. Read more about the speakers.

Team presentations

Each team is required to orally present their solution at the event. The format is that of a business pitch with 8 minutes of presentation time and 2 minutes of follow-up questions. Please, refer to the adjudication criteria to know what you will be judged on. The criteria will be shared in the Hackers’ Handbook with the selected hackers.

Guest and Speakers

Want to take part in our Giant Leap Hackathon as a mentor, jury member, or keynote speaker.

Check out the description of all supporting these roles thereafter.



Contact us at [email protected]

The Venue

The Our Giant Leap Hackathon 2022 will take place at the IBS Science Culture Center in Daejeon, South Korea! With a main conference room and several smaller working rooms, the center is the perfect place to host a hackathon.