About the Research activities

The RESEARCH team is dedicated to finding the best common practices to embrace diversity and foster gender equality. In order to apply them effectively, the team collect statistics on the representation and statuses of different minority groups at SGAC and beyond. The research team is also in charge of translating recommendations from our delegates into concrete actions and new OGL projects. The group works closely with all other teams within the PG and collaborates with other SGAC members in order to:

  • Respond to and work on incoming research requests from the SGAC community;
  • Research best and worst practices to embrace diversity and foster gender equality across the industry, academia and space agencies from different parts of the world;
  • Inform the extended community about the best practices (e.g. via the OGL slack, articles, conference presentations, etc.);
  • Oversee the implementation of relevant recommendations of the OGL team and the extended SGAC community;
  • Propose new long-term projects and short-term actions for the OGL team, based on research outcomes.

Research team leads