About the Communication & Outreach activities

The Communication & Outreach team embodies all communication activities of the Project Group. The overarching objective is to inspire and unite the global SGAC community around such important topics as diversity and inclusion. Concretely, this long-term project will provide support for all communication activities and needs of the Project Group including (but not limited to): 

  • Launch original communication campaigns on the topic of gender equality and diversity;
  • Take care of regular Project Group communication projects and activities: Our Giant Leap Magazine, Our Giant Leap newsletter, Project Group Facebook page update, website updates…
  • Assist all other long-term projects in their communication needs (visuals for webinars, posters, videos…)
  • Be the main point of contact with the SGAC PR & Comm team for regular social media activities

Interested in getting involved in our Communication & Outreach long-term projects?

Communication & Outreach team lead

Communication & Outreach past activities

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What does gender equality mean to you?

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Facts about being a women in the aerospace sector

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