Space Safety and Sustainability Project Group

Our Current Projects:

We are currently looking for new projects! Please consider sending us a project proposal. For more information and the proposal template please contact:
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1. SSS Essay Competition

Project Lead: Eleni Charitonos 

After two successful editions of the SSS Essay Competition this initiative has been made annual. A third edition shall be launched towards early 2022. This project involves working on the organisation of an essay competition on subjects related to SSS goals: space safety and sustainability of outer space activities. The project will involve the engagement of our advisory board, as well as establishing new partnerships with public and private entities as well as PR and communication activities for the advertisement of the competition.

2. Environmental Impacts of Space Activities

Project Leads: Loïs Miraux and Krisit Acuff

Space-based environmental monitoring services are making great efforts to curb climate change and provide societies with the means to respond to this global threat and support decision-making. Comprehensive studies and reports on the benefits of space activities on the environment are numerous. However, just like any industry, the space industry also has negative impacts on the environment that are important to identify, quantify, and reduce. This project consists of drawing up a global outlook on the impacts of space activities and on the associated challenges and solutions, in the form of a report.