1. Mars mission

This project is a continuation of the Mars Space Suit Safety (MS3) and One-way Human Mission to Mars (OHM) projects. One of the most crucial elements of a manned Mars mission is the space suit that would allow the crew to perform extravehicular activities, needed for a prolonged stay on the planet surface. This team are investigating the major existing hazards associated with the design of space suits for Mars exploration, defining their risk and identifying possible solutions.

2. Space Environment

This project is a continuation of research from previous years. Health and the comfort of astronauts in space are of the utmost priority. The focus is to keep the astronauts alive, happy and healthy to be able to carry out their mission. This group will focus on space life sciences (from life support systems to psychology in space) and other scientific interests in microgravity environment.

3. Space Debris

Space debris are extremely dangerous for spacecraft and satellite operations and there are tens of thousands of detectable objects in orbit around Earth and finding an effective method to de-orbit them presents a major challenge. This project reviews different de-orbiting techniques and analyses the risks of such methods.

4. Socio-economic benefits of space activities

The project aims to look into all the areas of space application that benefit humans in day to day activities and produce an analysis and a case study on the developing nation’s ability to benefit from space activities. It will consider the satellites launched by various countries and the benefits from these missions. This project commenced in 2019.

5. SSS Education and Outreach

SSS is a very active group focused on the safety and sustainability of space from the perspective of young people and outreach is required to share our research with the public. This group works to inform the public of SSS past, present and future projects, alongside other SSS initiatives like manuscripts and conferences.

The education series program aims to raise awareness of space safety and sustainability issues and acts as a starting point for young researchers wishing to enter this field. Two volumes of this series have been released; Space Situational Awareness and Space Weather: Effects on Space Missions. The team is currently preparing the third volume Space Safety featuring topics such as spacecraft risk assessment, space flight and operational safety and legal, policy and ethics.

6. SSS Essay Competition

This is a new project working on the organisation of an essay competition on subjects related to SSS goals: space safety and sustainability of outer space activities. The project will involve the engagement of our Advisory board, as well as establishing new partnerships with public and private entities.

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