Our Completed Projects:

Throughout the years the SSS PG has been focusing on a various number of topics related to space safety and sustainability of outer space activities. All completed projects and topics can be found hereafter.

SSS Essay Competition (2018 – present)

The annual SSS essay competition has been launched in 2018, since then two editions have been conducted with different themes:

Theme 2019How can humanity expand into outer space in a safe and sustainable way?

Theme 2020What Space Traffic Management measures must be internationally implemented to improve the safety and sustainability of outer space?

With this competition series the SSS PG is aiming at providing a platform for the young space generation towards pressing issues in the space industry. Every year we are partnering with different companies and organizations to shed a light on current and future issues related to space safety and sustainability.

SSS Education and Outreach (2014 – 2020)

The SSS PG is a very active group focused on the safety and sustainability of space from the perspective of young people and outreach is required to share our research with the public. This group works to inform the public of SSS past, present and future projects, alongside other SSS initiatives like manuscripts and conferences.

The education series program aims to raise awareness of space safety and sustainability issues and acts as a starting point for young researchers wishing to enter this field. Two volumes of this series have been released; Space Situational Awareness and Space Weather: Effects on Space Missions. A third and last volume of Space Safety featuring topics such as spacecraft risk assessment, space flight and operational safety and legal, policy and ethics is currently under internal review.

Human Space Flight & Space Environment (2016 – 2020)

Health and the comfort of astronauts in space are of the utmost priority. The focus is to keep the astronauts alive, happy and healthy to be able to carry out their mission. This group focused on space life sciences (from life support systems to psychology in space) and other scientific interests in a microgravity environment as well as political and commercial aspects of crewed exploration of outer space.

Topics throughout the years:

  • Gravity Variation Researches and their Benefits
  • Astronaut Mental Health in Crewed Missions
  • International Cooperation for Mars Mission Planning
  • Mars Space Suit Safety
  • Colonies Governance
  • Space Weather
  • One-way Human Mission to Mars
  • Safety Analysis of a Crewed Mission to Venus

Space Debris (2014 – 2019)

Space debris is extremely dangerous for spacecraft and satellite operations and there are tens of thousands of detectable objects in orbit around Earth and finding an effective method to de-orbit them presents a major challenge. These projects review different de-orbiting techniques and analyse the risks of such methods with a special interest in small LEO satellites. Moreover the debris environment as well as removal methods have been evaluated and special attention was laid on a space based laser system for active debris removal.

Topics throughout the years:

  • Active Debris Removal with a Space-Based Laser System
  • Active Debris Removal Policy
  • Object Prioritization for Active Debris Removal
  • Orbital Debris Management
  • Active Debris Removal Mapping

On-Orbit Servicing (2014 – 2016)

On Orbit Servicing (OOS) is the practice of repairing, restoring and refueling satellites in orbit for profit and the practical difficulties for OOS are highly relevant for the safety and sustainability of space. Technical, economical and legal problems concerning the implementation and regulation of OOS have been addressed by this multidisciplinary group throughout several studies.

Topics throughout the years:

  • The On-Orbit Servicing Answer to Safety and Sustainability of Future Space Activities
  • Spacecraft Safety Enhancement through On-Orbit Servicing
  • International Spacecraft Design Policies for On-Orbit Servicing

Advisory Team:

Maren Hülsmann (Former SSS Co-Lead)
Jessica Dallas (Former SSS Co-Lead)
George-Cristian Potrivitu (Former SSS Co-Lead)
Aureliano Rivolta (Former SSS Co-Lead)
Ali Nasseri (Former SGAC Co-chair, former SSS Co-Lead)
Matteo Emanuelli (Former SGAC Co-chair, former SSS Co-Lead)
Minoo Rathnasabapathy (Former SSS Co-Lead, Former SGAC Executive Director)
João Lousada (Former SSS Co-Lead, Regional Coordinator Europe)
David Finkleman (CSSI/AGI)
Ronald Kohl (AIAA)
Shannon Ryan (IAF)
Maite Trujillo (ESA/IAASS)
Brian Weeden (SWF)

Selected Previous Work:

F. A. Oluwafemi, R. Abdelbaki, J. C.-Y. Lai, J. G. Mora-Almanza, E. M. Afolayan: A review of astronaut mental health in manned missions: Potential interventions for cognitive and mental health challenges, Life Sciences in Space Research 28, pp. 26 -31, 2021.

F. A. Oluwafemi, D. Patel, Y. Lakmal, A. De La Torre, G. R. Kamaletdinova, J. Lousada: Microgravity Effect in a Long-Term Manned Mission, Monograph of Atmospheric Research, pp. 116 – 122, 2018.

G.R. Kamaletdinova, L. Bettiol, A. De La Torre, D. Patel, F.A. Oluwafemi, Y. Lakmal, U. Heshani, R. Singh, A. Rivolta, A. Sorokin, “Manned Mars Mission Risks Evaluation, International Astronautical Congress 2018, Bremen, Germany.

F.A. Oluwafemi, A. De La Torre, E.M. Afolayan, B.M, Olalekan-Ajayi, B. Dhital, J.G. Mora, G. Potrivitu, J. Creech, A. Rivolta, “Space food and nutrition in a long term manned mission”, Advances in Astronautics Science and Technology 1, 1, 1-21, 2018.

S. Bhattacherjee, S. Mirji, M. Karnal, C. Akniyazov, J. Ferreira, K.R.R, “De-orbiting small space debris through space-based laser system: the case of nano- and pico-satellites fleet”, International Astronautical Congress 2018, Bremen, Germany.

A. Neduncheran, J. Lai, H. Gamel, G. C. Potrivitu, J. Creech, A. Sinnappoo, “Study of Venus Cloud Movements by Comparative Analysis with Terrestrial Planets”, European Planetary Science Congress 2018, Berlin, Germany.

F.A. Oluwafemi, E.M. Afolayan, R. Abdelbaki, A. De La Torre, B.M, Olalekan-Ajayi, J. Mora, “Astronautical Hygiene: A communal discipline to space medicine and a preventative measure to space diseases”, International Astronautical Congress 2018, Bremen, Germany.

J. Lousada , G.R. Kamaletdinova, D. Patel, Y. Lakmal, F.A. Oluwafemi, A. De La Torre, U. Heshani, M.P.Onevsky, S.A.Skvortsov, “Approaches and Solutions for Martian Spacesuit Design”, International Astronautical Congress 2017, Adelaide, Australia.

J. Lousada, “Mars Space Suit Safety”, IAASS 2017, Toulouse, France

J. Lousada , G.R. Kamaletdinova, D. Patel, Y. Lakmal, F.A. Oluwafemi, A. De La Torre, U. Heshani, M.P.Onevsky, S.A.Skvortsov, “Mars Space Suit Safety”, IAA Symposium on Human Space Exploration 2017, Torino, Italy.

H. Gamal, M. J. Pardo Spiess, B. Aliaj, L. Barrow, M. Afouna, “Human Exploration of Venus: a comparative study of crewed missions to Mars and Venus”, International Astronautical Congress 2016, Guadalajara, Mexico.

C. M.l Entrena Utrilla, L. Bettiol, J. Piness, I. Revesz, F. Oluwafemi, J. Lousada, “Safety Analysis of Spacesuit Design for Martian Surface”, International Astronautical Congress 2016, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Y. Porat, A. Rivolta, C. Thro, A. Nasseri, J. Chan-Hao Wang, J. Lousada, J. R. Medel, N. Carletti, N. Chiu, “The On Orbit Servicing Answer to Safety and Sustainability for Future Space Activities”, International Astronautical Congress 2016, Guadalajara, Mexico.

M. Emanuelli, G. Federico, J. Loughman, D. Prasad, T. Chow, M. Rathnasabapathy, “Conceptualizing an economically, legally, and politically viable active debris removal option“, Acta Astronautica 104, 1, 197-205, 2014.

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