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Name Of Author Email Of Author Date of Publication Title Of The Paper Journal/Conference Link To Paper
Jordan Stone [email protected] 2022 Saving Our Future on Earth Through Our Presence in Space: Recommendations from the Young Generations on the Role of Space for Climate Action International Astronautical Congress Link
Selene Cannelli [email protected] 2023 Earth’s orbits as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Astronautical International Conference Link
Ewan Wright [email protected] 2023 One million (paper) satellites Science Link
Ewan Wright [email protected] 2022 Unnecessary risks created by uncontrolled rocket reentries Nature Astronomy Link
Andrew Ross Wilson [email protected] 2023 The space sustainability paradox Journal of Cleaner Production Link
Andrew Ross Wilson [email protected] 2022 Implementing life cycle sustainability assessment for improved space mission design Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management Link
Andrew Ross Wilson [email protected] 2023 Life cycle engineering of space systems: Preliminary findings Advances in Space Research Link