Event theme: Building a space community to inspire, connect, and support humankind

The 21st edition of the Space Generation Congress (SGC) aims to celebrate the role of SGAC as a catalyst for the next generation of space professionals worldwide. With the theme “Building a space community to inspire, connect, and support humankind,” we aspire to highlight the pivotal role that space plays in driving progress and innovation on Earth and showcase the immense potential of space technology in addressing global challenges, fostering international collaboration, and promoting socio-economic development worldwide. The SGC strives to bring together students and young professionals with diverse cultures and backgrounds and serve as a platform for them to connect, collaborate, and share their ideas. Furthermore, by fostering a sense of community and friendship, we seek to inspire and empower our delegates so that they can continue developing their careers in the space industry and contribute to its advancement. In addition, our event envisages¬† to provide opportunities for mentorship to those just starting their journey and create a space where they can learn from and be inspired by experienced professionals. Ultimately, our goal is to commemorate the vital role of SGAC and the space sector in shaping the future of humankind and connecting the world.¬†