About the SGFF Logo

This year the Space Generation Fusion Forum team has curated a logo to better represent the mission and purpose of the event. The logo utilizes the same logo system as both the Space Generation Advisory Council and the United Nations, featuring two olive branches crossed to symbolize peace–in this context, we intend for it to represent the peaceful uses of outer space. This is also a nod to our relationship with the United Nations, and in particular the UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, to whom the SGFF’s outcomes are reported to at the committee’s General Assembly meeting.

In the foreground, the outline of Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs can be seen, representing the location of the Space Generation Fusion Forum, using a burnt-orange hue from the region’s mountains. The colour can also be seen as representing Mars, and the background’s grey representing the Moon. Both of these destinations are of particular interest to today’s space explorers, as the international space community prepares for deep space missions to these locations.

At the Space Generation Fusion Forum delegates “fuse” their perspectives and provide input that will hopefully influence the future of the space industry, being part of it’s lift off.

We thank Christopher Nie and Lauren Smith for their contributions through the creation of this logo, and their thoughtful consideration on what it should represent.