Bordeaux, France
13th May 2023

SG[France] is back again this year with an anniversary edition! As a unique opportunity to gather the SGAC community, this event will be a celebration of 5 years of successful SG[France]!

This anniversary edition will bring together international students and young professionals to recap topics from the 4 previous SG[France] events with a brand new 5th topic addressing the Future of Space in Europe.

As the previous events have been organised respectively in Paris, Toulouse, Lille and Strasbourg, SG[France]2023 will continue the “Tour de France” and take place in Bordeaux at ENSEIRB MATMECA, on the 13th of May, 2023. Students or young professionals aged 18-35 will have the opportunity to meet and chat with renowned experts of the French and European space industry as well as with numerous young space enthusiasts.

Come to SG[France] to celebrate our 5th anniversary while discussing trending space challenges, it’s time to Make Space!