Inspirational Speakers

Christina Korp

Christina Korp is known as the Astronaut Wrangler. She is an astronaut manager, space advisor, founder of SPACE For a Better World and the president of Purpose Entertainment. For ten years she managed Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and launched his foundations – ShareSpace and the Aldrin Family Foundation. She produced the last five galas at Kennedy Space Center celebrating Apollo 11 and the Webby winning and Emmy nominated, Cycling Pathways to Mars VR experience.

In October of 2021 she launched the #AimHigher project to inspire people to aim higher for their dreams in spite of where they come from or what they think society dictates for them. She produces giant space themed Aim Higher artworks all over the world. She works with Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke, former NASA astronauts Nicole Stott, Susan Kilrain and Inspiration4 Mission Pilot and SpaceX astronaut Dr. Sian Proctor. Christina is passionate about promoting inclusivity and diversity in space and tech. She founded SPACE For a Better World in 2020 to highlights the ways space benefits all life on Earth and how it could be the key to solving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Maria-Gabriella Sarah

Maria-Gabriella Sarah trained as an electrical engineer in France and joined the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2002 in the Science Directorate.

She then held the position of first Chief Risk Officer developing and implementing the Risk Management framework ESA is using today, founding, and chairing several international networks of Risk Management practitioners.

Currently in charge of Partnerships with non-space businesses, she has supported the setting up of the ESA’s Sustainable Development Goals catalogue to gather all space projects helping achieve the 17 United Nations SDG’s.

She chairs the Risk Management Committee at the International Astronautical Federation and as a full member of the International Academy of Astronautics, is co-leading a global study on the socio-economic impacts of New Space.

Space Panels

Understanding the skills gaps and workforce challenges in the space sector

We will be joined by two outstanding experts working for Exotrail and Groundspace for this first panel of the day, to share their view about recruiting for a (New)space company as well as sharing some tips and skills needed to start and develop a career in the space industry.

Moderator: Lucille Baudet, Project Manager – Oxford Space Systems


Pierre-Louis Bellamy, HR Manager – Exotrail

Radim Badsi, CEO & Founder – Groundspace

European Strategy in Space

The second panel will focus on the European space long term roadmap and strategy. The speakers will share their vision about a multitude of crucial topics from European strength to their risk strategy.

Moderator: Paul Bauerlé, Flight Dynamics Engineer – Astroscale


Laura Todd, VP Space Exploration – Future Programmes – Airbus

Jérémie Hassin, VP Business Development – MaiaSpace

Gilles Rabin– CNES