Meet the SG[France]2023 Team!


Marie Lambert

Event Manager

Marie is an Advanced Master student in Aerospace Project Management at ISAE-SUPAERO and a graduate from IPSA with a Master degree in Aerospace Engineering. Always looking for new challenges and opportunities, she studied at the University of Limerick in Ireland and Politecnico di Torino in Italy before working for half a year in Lisbon, Portugal. She is improving her knowledge in Project Management in the hope of leading major aerospace projects in the near future.

Marie is passionate about Human Spaceflight and Space Exploration with her goal being to devote her professional career to it. She was a scientific animator at the Cité de l’Espace (Toulouse, France) and interned at ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab as a space propulsion intern. She worked for a few months at Valispace, a start-up developing a productivity tool for engineers, in Systems Engineering & Product Management.

Always eager to learn more about the space domain, she joined SGAC in 2020 and was part of the organizing team of SG[France]2022. Marie hopes through SGAC to meet fellow students and young professionals fascinated about space and share her passion. She also loves to travel, meet new people and is looking forward to working abroad in a multicultural environment. As a space enthusiast, she thinks international cooperation is essential in the next decades to tackle the amazing challenges to come.

Lucille Baudet

Deputy Manager

Lucille is currently working as Marketing & Sales Manager at Oxford Space Systems in the UK. A graduate from Toulouse Business School, she has a Marketing and Management background including strategy, product development and customer relationships, with 8 years’ experience in the space sector.

As she loves meeting new people who share the same passion for space, Lucille got involved in SGAG in April 2020 in different roles from Strategic Partnerships Co-Coordinator to Events Coordination Team members, supporting various SGAC events around the world. She was also involved in the SG[France] 2022 organizing team and is looking forward to meeting the delegates of this next 2023 edition!

Logistics Team

Chrisy Raharison


Materials scientist engineer graduated from ENSCBP (Bordeaux), she is deeply interested in the space start-up ecosystem and did an advanced master in ISAE-SUPAERO about innovative management projects and entrepreneurship (MGPIE) in 2021. During her experiences, she worked on thermal protective materials for the Perseverance rover in UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) in the US, for Ariane launchers with the PERSEUS PEGASE project, and for the CEA. She got introduced to the start-up world thanks to two ActInSpace hackathon involvements (2018, 2020) and one Cassini Hackathon (2021) using space technologies. She is now working as a YGT at ESA in the directorate of Telecommunications on Business Development.

Space lover since her childhood, she loves to share her passion thanks to her involvement in 3AF – Aquitaine group and in the local astronomy associations. After two participations at SG[France] as delegate, she wanted to help to organize it as the subject of the SG[France] 2022 is about space start-up !

Audrey Lucas


Audrey is a recent graduate of an engineering degree specialized in industrial computing. She worked as an apprentice throughout her studies at Safran in Paris. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in management and business administration at the Toulouse School of Management.

Passionate about space for years, it is this passion that led her to pursue engineering studies and this sector to which she would like to contribute one day by holding a position in the space industry. She particularly likes the link between Earth observation and the help that these images can bring to the fight against global warming.

She discovered SGAC through the SG[France]2020: Our Giant Leap event, and after participating in the following two years’ events she decided to contribute to the next SG[France] to allow others to meet people who are passionate about space as she is.

Communications Team

Lola Dumont-Roche


Lola holds a Master 2 in International Law. After completing her studies at the University of Strasbourg, she went to The Hague, in the Netherlands, for an internship at the International Court of Justice of the United Nations. She stayed after its completion for a two-month contract. This experience in the Information Department convinced her that Law and Public Relations are deeply connected, especially within international organizations, and she wishes to pursue this field.

Her discovery of Space Law made her passionate about the Space sector. She naturally got interested in the impressive impact of the SGAC on the aerospace field for students and young professionals, and so she joined the organization. She participated in the organization of the 4th Italian Space Startup in Naples for the Media and Communications role. She is looking forward to pursuing this experience in SGAC for the Space Congress in France.

Clara Banchereau


Clara is currently finishing her aerospace engineering degree. She has always been passionate about space exploration, and that’s why she decided to pursue an engineering degree in aerospace. Her internship at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes has been the confirmation that she will be devoted to space. Working on mechanics for future observation satellites has been a real inspiration and has motivated her to continue in this direction. Clara is willing to step out of her comfort zone to get what she wants. Her ultimate goal is to work on space exploration.

Clara discovered SGAC in 2020. Deeply passionate by space, she joined SGAC to share her passion and learn from others. After participating in the successful event SG [France] 2021, she decided to get involved in the 2022 event. As it was an amazing experience, she also decided to get involved in the 2023 event!

Guillaume Rousseau


Almost graduated from Kedge Business School with a specialisation in International Business, Guillaume is currently working as a Business Developer at RIDE! Space in France. a start-up providing new capability for accessing space. With the missions he has, he established strong relations with 40 launch providers (SpaceX, Ariane, HyperSpace, Isar, Skyroot, etc.), a vast number of space academic associations as well as private companies across the world. He was also an intern for the European Space Agency in the coordination and partnership office, where he participated on the Blue World Task Force’s missions(2021).

Deeply passionate about Space, he joined the SGAC team to learn more and share his passion with people in the industry.

Delegates Team

Morgane Royer


Morgane has a space law and translation degree and a French lawyer qualification. She spent 2 years in the Netherlands at ESA and is now working as a strategy consultant at PWC. In the frame of her job she’s accompanying space companies and governments on various topics ranging from space policy to green rocket propellant.

Passionate about space she joined SGAC a few years ago and has been involved in various space events in Europe.


Clara Banchereau


Clara is currently finishing her aerospace engineering degree. She has always been passionate about space exploration, and that’s why she decided to pursue an engineering degree in aerospace. Her internship at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes has been the confirmation that she will be devoted to space. Working on mechanics for future observation satellites has been a real inspiration and has motivated her to continue in this direction. Clara is willing to step out of her comfort zone to get what she wants. Her ultimate goal is to work on space exploration.

Clara discovered SGAC in 2020. Deeply passionate by space, she joined SGAC to share her passion and learn from others. After participating in the successful event SG [France] 2021, she decided to get involved in the 2022 event. As it was an amazing experience, she also decided to get involved in the 2023 event!

Sponsors Team

Estelle Crouzet


Estelle is an Advanced Master student in Space Systems Engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO and recently graduated from ENSPIMA (Bordeaux INP) with a Master degree in Aerospace Engineering. She has always been passionate about the Universe and space exploration, and thus decided to study spacecraft design at Luleå University of Technology in Kiruna, Sweden as an exchange student for her first year of master. This year abroad made her interest for space even bigger, and confirmed her passion for space systems.

This is why she worked as a Systems Engineer Apprentice during her last year of engineering school at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes, in the Advanced Projects department. This experience was the ultimate confirmation of her will to work in that field, hence her enrollment in the TAS ASTRO Advanced Master. (Of course, her lifelong dream remains to become an ESA astronaut.)

Estelle discovered the SGAC during the IAC 2021, some of her friends from Kiruna being involved in the association. More recently, a former member of the organising team who is now a student in TAS ASTRO with her advised her to get involved in the SG[France]2023, because of how great an experience it had been. Estelle is very happy to be part of the Sponsors team, and can’t wait until the D-day!


Sébastien Lebègue


Sébastien is a graduate (5th year) student from the IPSA (Aerospace Engineering) specializing in Autonomous Aeronautical Systems. Sébastien is passionate about space but mainly about space exploration. He enjoys expanding his knowledge on space exploration and applications by participating in student challenges such as the Student Aerospace Challenge and the IASC Asteroid Search Campaign. Always eager to learn more about the space industry, he set his mind on joining the organizing team of SG[France]23.

Sébastien discovered and joined SGAC with SG[France]22 in Strasbourg. Shortly after, he joined the Space Exploration Project Group (SEPG) to work closely with members passionate about advocating the growing role of the new generation of space professionals in the field of Space Exploration. Currently, he is closely working with the SEPG co-lead as the Internal Communications Director within the PR & Communications Team of SEPG.


Program Team

Emeric Vilette


Emeric is a young graduate from IPSA, currently working at Constellation Technologies, a really young start-up developing a telecommunication constellation of satellites. A jack of all trades, he likes to discover different aspects of the space engineering world. He did an internship at Airbus Defense & Space where he worked on the electrical architecture of satellites, worked on a satellite equipped with a laser that could clean up the geostationary orbit and even did an internship at La Cité de l’Espace as a scientific animator. His ultimate goal is to work on an exploration mission.

After the Covid pandemic took place, Emeric was feeling really sad because he wasn’t able to see his friends for a long time so he participated at the SG France 2021 in Lille. The event turned out to be really interesting, fun and challenging so he did it again in Strasbourg in 2022. This year he chose to be part of the organising team hoping to help you have a great time too.


Maxime Bardaux


Maxime is a recent graduate from Cranfield University (Astronautics & Space Engineering) and from IPSA (Aerospace Engineering). He is very interested in the technical aspects of engineering projects related to the space environment. Maxime was the Head of Propulsion for the CranSEDS team that competed at the European Rocketry Challenge 2022, with a successful 2-stage rocket that reached 3 km altitude. Maxime is willing to be involved in the development of space vehicles to push the limits of access to space.

Eager to learn more about space, he joined SGAC in 2020. After being a delegate for the last two editions of SG[France], he wished to switch to the organizing team for SG[France]2023.

Tristan Knight


Tristan is an avionics engineer working for MaiaSpace on a european reusable launcher. A graduate from the Computer Science for Aerospace Masters in Toulouse, He has been involved in multiple space related activities during his studies. These include three student Rocketery projects he founded in different universities. Tristan also has experience in the nanosattelite field, having participated in the Nanostar competition as well as working in the development of the ENSO and TOLOSAT cubesat’s as avionics engineer and project lead respectively.

Following his belief that an engineer skillset should be as rounded as possible, he has also shown involvement outside of the technical field. This includes multiple space themed startup hackathons as well as participating in competitive debating. Tristan’s passion for space has fueled his goal to help contribute in any way possible to humanities advancement in that field. For now this involves modernising access to space as well as helping to encourage the next generation of space engineers.


Lou Valade


Lou is currently studying Space and Telecommunications Law at the University of Paris-Saclay. She is doing her internship in the Space Policy team of Euroconsult, the world leader in space consulting. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the European School of Political and Social Sciences, during which she studied for six months at Ewha Womans University (Seoul), as well as a Master’s degree in International Law and Politics from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Passionate about space-related defence issues, she wrote a master’s thesis about space militarization.

Very active in the community, Lou has participated in many space-related events. She was in charge of logistics for the Canadian Space Conference, organized by SEDS-Canada, as well as for the Summer Space Festival (Brussels). She also participated in the organization of the World Satellite Business Week and the Asia Satellite Business Week. She wishes to develop the issues of space law and space policy during the SG France 2023.

Marceau Brigant


Marceau graduated from the Master in Space and Telecommunications Law of Paris-Saclay University in 2022. Fascinated by satellite and terrestrial telecommunications, he is the author of three master’s thesis on the topic : 5G regulation for European sovereignty, the telecommunications market regulation in Senegal and HSBB competition in the technological mix context. He also participated in a summer school in comparative telecom law and regulation in Dakar, Senegal and is now accomplishing the Master in Network Industries and Digital Economy held by Paris-Dauphine University, Paris-Saclay University, Polytechnique and Telecom Paris.

Marceau benefits from various professional experiences related to telecom and digital development. In 2019, he completed an internship in Econocom, a European leader in digital transformation; in 2021, he integrated Orange as a telecom lawyer; in 2022 he joined Eutelsat as an institutional and regulatory affairs officer for Africa.

Involved in many student projects related to space, Marceau is a finalist of the CNES competition “Lance le Futur” which aims to design innovative solutions for space. He became a SGAC member in 2022 and is part of the PADAWANS project intended to raise awareness about diversity in the space sector by organising workshops in schools.

Support Team

Paul Bauerlé


Paul is a Flight Dynamics Engineer at Astroscale in Harwell, UK. He works on in-orbit servicing missions such as the End-of-Life Service by Astroscale demonstration (ELSA-d), ADRAS-J, ELSA-M and COSMIC. He graduated from ISAE-ENSMA (Aerospace Engineering) and Cranfield University (Astronautics & Space Engineering)in 2021. Paul is keen on space and enjoys sharing his passion: selected among the diverse dozen at the AIAA Ascend 2022 conference he shared his vision about the future of the space traffic management.

He was part of the programme team of SG[France] 2022 and managed the round table on space data and applications. He is now in the support team, coordinating the programme and sponsor team to achieve the great ambitions for SG[France] 2023.


SGAC National Points of Contact for France

Tania Gres


Tania is a young space system engineer working in Thales Alenia Space in Turin (Italy) on space exploration missions to Venus and Low Earth Orbit. She graduated from IPSA Toulouse in 2020 and did a specialised master in space exploration systems in Politecnico di Torino (Italy).

Born in Germany and raised in France, from a family of artists and engineers, today she fulfils her dreams of working in the European space industry. As an engineer by day, and as a SGAC volunteer at night. Within the association, she is the leader of the DIVINAS long term project of the Diversity and Gender Equality Project Group. She is also one of the 2 French National Point of Contact along with Clara, and took part in many events of the association, as an organiser and a delegate: She was part of the logistics team for the SGC 2022 in Paris last year. She was the SG[France]2021 event manager and she also organised the first Model UN of SGAC in collaboration with the European Center for Space Law. Constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities, she’s a very motivated, enthusiastic and quick learner who enjoys space related projects, especially working as a team.

Clara Moriceau


Clara is a French engineer in applied mathematics from INSA Rouen and space systems engineering from ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse in France. She did several internships in the space industry, including CNES and ESA during 6 months. She’s now living in Toulouse where she’s working at MEDES (Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology) to support ISS experiments in physiology as part of the ground Flight Control Team.

Within SGAC, Clara is a member of the Gender and Diversity Project Group, leading the PADAWANS long-term project which aims at organising workshops in school for children, involving their parents, to raise awareness about diversity in the space sector. She’s also one of the two National Points of Contact for France. Previously, she was part of the SG[France]2020 organising team and the SGC Delegates Team members in 2022.

Apart from work, Clara loves spending her time with friends and family, travelling abroad to discover new culture and new people but also travelling in her nearby region. Sometimes wonderful places are just in front of your eyes.