ACHIEVED – Assembly for Concepts in Human Interplanetary Exploration with Various Extraterrestrial Designations As space agencies and private space companies seek new mission design concepts that challenge and advance our technological and/or scientific knowledge, our research team strives to support the space community with original and innovative mission designs. How do we do this ? Stemming out of ACHIEVED, [...]

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2021 Interview with Dr. Tanya Harrison

In 2021, members of the Space Law & Policy Human Rights Group spoke with Dr. Tanya Harrison about her role at Planet and the use of Earth-imaging to monitor climate change and human rights violations. Below is a subset of shortened responses from the conversation. ...

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European Space Agency Human and Robotic Research Announcements

Attention European and Canadian members that are interested in conducting specialist space research. For those that are unaware, ESA has a number of research opportunities that you and your research team can apply for.

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2021 Interview with Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, PhD

Currently, Agnieszka is the Vice President, Government Affairs, EMEA at Planet and she sits on the Board Of Directors for the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC). She has many years of experience working in various organizations including SGAC as an Executive Director and Chair (2006-2010) and formerly held the role of Director at the Secure World Foundation...

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Jus Ad Astra Blog – Earth Observation Data, Climate Change, and Human Rights

In January 2022, the Human Rights Sub-team of the Space Law and Policy Project Group published a blog with Jus Ad Astra - Earth Observation Data, Climate Change, and Human Rights. 

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Connect with us

Connect with us Become part of our community and join the Our Giant Leap slack to participate in discussions and stay updated on: Events, Resources, Artwork competitions, Our Giant Leap Magazine, Communication campaigns, Our long-term projects and more. Join the Our Giant Leap Slack Do not forget to introduce yourself, #shareyourstory in the dedicated channel, and [...]

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Current vacancies

Our current vacancies The Diversity and Gender Equality (Our Giant Leap) Project Group is regularly opening new vacancies. Make sure you follow the Project Group on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Slack) to be notified as soon as we start a new recruitment.

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