What is the IAC?

The IAC is the one time of the year when all space actors come together. Global, multidisciplinary and covering all space sectors and topics, it offers everyone the latest space information, developments but above all contacts and potential partnerships.

Each year, the IAC changes country, theme and local organiser, enabling all to learn more about, and be a part of the world space scene.

The Space Generation Congress is an associated event to the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). 

About the 70th IAC

In 2019 humanity will celebrate the 50th anniversary of a feat once thought impossible: humans walking on the moon.

In the past half-century, the United States has contributed to humanity’s quest to explore the unknown and expand the boundaries of our terrestrial existence. Through domestic investments and international partnerships, the United States has worked to satisfy humanity’s innate curiosity and yearning to explore.

As a nation, we invite the world to commemorate that “one giant leap for mankind” and celebrate the international accomplishments and partnerships that have become the hallmarks of space exploration.

Today the broader space community stands at a pivotal juncture in the course of future human space exploration. To succeed we must come together to create a unified vision that can be realized through the effective use of our collective assets and resources. It is in that spirit of collaboration that we would host the global space community in Washington, D.C., to envision what the next “giant leap” will be.


All IAC participants and speakers will have to register through the online registration system.
Young Professionals Full Time Students

Early: $470 
Early Euro: 400 €

Regular: $555 
Regular Euro: 470 €

On Site: $625 
On Site Euro: 530 €

Early: 1 March – 30 June 2019
Standard: 1 July – 21 September 2019
On site: 22 September – 25 October 2019

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Early Euro: 115 €

Regular: $155 
Regular Euro: 130 €

On Site: $175 
On Site Euro: 150 €

Early: 1 March – 30 June 2019
Standard: 1 July – 21 September 2019
On site: 22 September – 25 October 2019