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Long read: London calling, connecting worlds!

Views on the 4th European Space Generation Workshop. Ana and Eleonora have been respectively the co-event manager and the programme team member of the 4th European Space Generation Workshop (E-SGW), and the very first reason why they should thank SGAC for organising this kind of event is the community it is shaping. We already e-met a couple of times, but this was the very first time the two of them had the chance of working together and getting to know each other better.

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“Pursue your dreams with earnestness, responsibility, and willpower” – An interview with Avid Roman-Gonzalez

Avid Roman-Gonzalez is an electronic engineer, he holds a PhD in Signal and Image Processing from TELECOM ParisTech in France, and he is the former SGAC Regional Coordinator of South America.

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Development of the Malaysian Space Sector

The Malaysia Space Initiative (MiSI) welcomes the merger between two space-related entities in Malaysia, the National Space Agency (ANGKASA) and the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency (MRSA), to form one combined space entity known as the Malaysia Space Agency (MYSA).  

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Acknowledging those who got us here: The Alumni Programme

Since SGAC’s founding in 1999, more than 15,000 individuals have registered on the SGAC website, many of them contributing to what SGAC has become today. Over time, many of those members aged out of the organization, owing to the 35 year age limit, creating a dilemma for SGAC: on one hand we want to include everyone and benefit from their expertise, but the SGAC bylaws at the time restricted us to those under the age of 35

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The Andean Road countries for Science and Technology (ARCST)

Latin America has been characterized by its cuisine, music, brilliant athletes, sport man, their natural scenic spots, but few has been said about its Science and Technology. Even though ancient cultures such as Mayans, Tiwanaku and Incas have left their exquisite architecture full of symbolism, mathematical and astronomical sites, less has been showed to the world respect to the development of Science and Technology.

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Large Satellite Constellations and the Orbital Debris Environment

There is a growing trend towards the privatization and commercialization of space activities, a phenomenon frequently referred to as New Space Economy. With clear democratization of space, more space agencies and most notably non-governmental entities are starting to provide services in space which have a commercial value. Indiscriminately, the population of artificial satellites launched by these new space actors will keep on increasing at much higher rates than the estimated previously.

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Looking Back: SG [Colombia]

During the World Space Week, SGAC organized the SG[Colombia], the first SpaceGen event that took place in Medellin and was hosted by the International Congress of Space Science and Technology CICTA 2018, which was organized by the University of Antioquia and the Francisco Jose de Caldas Distrital University.

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Looking Back: [SG]Greece

Following the success from 2017, SG[Greece] 2018 – Space Opportunities in Greece and ESA took place on Friday the 23rd of November at the Ceremony Hall of the National Technical University of Athens and was organized as part of the ESA and SGAC-supported European Space Talks initiative.

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    August 15 @ 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM UTC
  2. Series Space Law – Generalities of Space Law

    August 17 @ 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CMT
  3. SGAC Japan Space Talk #14: Diversity in Space

    August 20 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM JST
  4. Series Space Law – Among Lawyers

    August 21 @ 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CMT