SGAC Croatia Webinar Series: Eight webinars about space as an interdisciplinary field

The SGAC team in Croatia includes 14 active members and 50+ regular members from different cities all around the country. The SGAC Croatia Webinar Series aimed to inspire and motivate university students and young professionals in Croatia and abroad to grow a career in the space sector. Influenced by the stories from talented SGAC members from all around the world, the SGAC Croatia team invested their passion and creativity to bring the same excitement about space and self-development in Croatia and nearby regions.

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Asia-Pacific Openhouse – Space4All

Are you a space enthusiast? Join us to take the first step in getting involved with the Asia-Pacific regional space industry. Awaiting for you in the event is an intriguing keynote presentation on Asia-Pacific cooperation, fun-filled trivia session and an interactive fireside chat with the guests on how to build an international career profile in Space industry. Prior experience in Space industry is NOT required for this event.

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SGAC Mentoring Webinar – Space Law and Policy

The SGAC Mentoring Program is organizing webinars for the mentees/mentors participating in the program. The webinars are also open to all SGAC members. This webinar will focus on Space Law and Policy, with speakers involved in the SGAC community, who will share their experience working on this field.

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From facing the Impostor Syndrome to gaining some self-confidence

Part of the Our Giant Leap Masterclass Series on empowerment, this Masterclass will enable you to better understand the Impostor Syndrome and to find ways to gain self-esteem and self-confidence. A Q&A session will allow you to ask all your questions and share your stories, personal experiences and lessons learnt on how to cope with impostor syndrome. Please note this webinar will be registered.

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Space Medicine and Life Sciences – An Insight from the United States

The past decade has brought us to the miniaturisation of electronic components. This has dramatically reduced the cost to make satellites and has allowed smaller nations and companies to engage in space-related services and research. However, space research and exploration cannot be without its biological components. This webinar series aims to bring the latest space biological knowledge to students and young professionals.

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SG Latin American Webinar Series #3: Opportunities for Analog Research, Astrobiology and Planetary Science in Latin America

Exploring Space from Our Region: Opportunities for Analog Research, Astrobiology and Planetary Science in Latin America

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[PG-SEPG] SEPG Webinar #4: Forward to the Moon – Lunar Analogue Missions

In the 4th episode of the SEPG webinar series on the future of space exploration, we will talk about the importance of designing and running appropriate analogue missions simulating in situ resources utilisation on the Lunar surface.

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