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SEND A POSTCARD TO SPACE. Earth is finite. To protect our gem of a planet and enable a future of abundance and growth, Earth needs space. In partnership with Blue Origin's Club for the Future, write or draw your vision on a postcard for what you think the future of life in space will look like—or any other message you’d like to send to space. Send your postcard to Club for the Future, CFTF will launch it to space and back on a New Shepard rocket, and return it to you stamped "Flown to Space."

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SGAC Mauritania National Points of Contact Mauritania Welcome to the Mauritania country page for the Space Generation Advisory Council! You’ll find here information about our activities and events related to the space sector.  Mauritania is a country located in north west Africa with 4 million inhabitants and forms a geographic and cultural bridge between the [...]

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SGAC Eritrea National Points of Contact Eritrea Welcome to the Eritrea country page for the Space Generation Advisory Council! Stay in touch with us SGAC Country Mailing List SGAC Slack SGAC Regional Facebook Page Young Space Activities Overview in Eritrea   Upcoming Events   [...]

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SGAC Benin National Points of Contact Benin Welcome to the SGAC Benin’s country page! Benin is a welcoming, happiness and lovely country located in west Africa, close to Nigeria.  Beninese are relentless workers and improve their lifestyle through different mechanics at national level (Politic, Laws, Fair, justice, ); educational level; sustainable entrepreneurial and investment environment [...]

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SGAC Tunisia National Points of Contact Tunisia Join the Tunisia Mailing List Young Space Activities Overview in the Tunisia  

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SGAC Angola National Points of Contact Angola Welcome to the SGAC Angola Website! Space Kambas Space activities in Angola started in the 70’s with the installation of a 32 meters diameter antenna, but it was not until 2013 that angola started taking the first concrete steps towards becoming a space faring nation with the creation [...]

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SGAC Paraguay National Points of Contact Paraguay Welcome to SGAC Paraguay!

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