SGAC announces CNES-SGAC Scholarship for IAC + SGC 2018 Recipients

SGAC and the French Space Agency, CNES are proud to announce that three outstanding SGAC members will be supported to attend the 17th Space Generation Congress (SGC) (27 – 29 September 2018) and 69th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Bremen, Germany 01 – 05 October 2018). The CNES will provide scholarships up to 1000€ to all recipients.

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SGAC Announces the Winner of the 2018 Australian Space Generation Innovators Award

SGAC is proud to announce Alex Linossier as the winner of the second Australian Space Generation Innovators Award. This award provides support for young, enthusiastic Australian space innovators to attend both the 17th Space Generation Congress and the 69th International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany.

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Resignation Notice & Interim Chair Announcement

On 11 May, SGAC Chair Alexander Gibson tendered his resignation to the Executive Committee, to be effective 4 July 2018, due to a highly unexpected and substantial increase in his professional work which would interfere with his availability to effectively lead the organization. After receiving notice of this resignation, the Executive Committee (EC) conducted extensive discussions, followed by a voting

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EMER-GEN™ 2018

The first annual EMER-GEN™ is a joint initiative of the AMOS Conference and SGAC. The program is designed especially for young professionals and students (35 and under) enthusiastic about careers in space. With the help of advisors from industry, government, academia and NGOs, we created a two-day experience that offers Mentoring with renowned space specialists from the public sector (military and civil), private sector, and nongovernmental

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SCaN NextGen ISS R&D Scholarship 2018

SGAC has partnered with NASA SCaN to allow 2 students or young professionals who have expressed an interest in a career in space communication and navigation to attend the SGAC/AAS NextGen Event in association with the ISS R&D Conference 2018 hosted in San Francisco, California.

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SGAC announces winners of the Space Generation Leadership Award 2018

One of the main missions of SGAC is to facilitate access to the world's major space conferences for young professionals and students. The Space Generation Leadership Award enables five outstanding SGAC members to attend the 17th Space Generation Congress and the 69th International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany. Every year, SGAC receives an outstanding number of high quality applications. Congratulations to all selected awardees of the SGAC 2018 Space Generation Leadership Awards.

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GomSpace-SGAC Scholarship 2018

Through the partnership between SGAC and GomSpace, this scholarship is available for students studying in Denmark, or for students of Danish nationality regardless of their current country of residence, to attend the 69th International Astronautical Congress (1 – 5 October 2018) in Bremen, Germany. If the winner has been selected to attend the 17th Annual Space Generation Congress (27 – 29 September 2018), the scholarship will also cover costs related hereto.

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