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Member of the month for December 2020: Antonio Scannapieco

Continuing the amazing efforts SGAC members and various online events organizing teams have provided the network with, for December 2020, we are pleased to announce and congratulate Antonio Scannapieco, SGAC NPoC of Italy, as Member of the Month!

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The Andean Road countries for Science and Technology (ARCST)

Latin America has been characterized by its cuisine, music, brilliant athletes, sport man, their natural scenic spots, but few has been said about its Science and Technology. Even though ancient cultures such as Mayans, Tiwanaku and Incas have left their exquisite architecture full of symbolism, mathematical and astronomical sites, less has been showed to the world respect to the development of Science and Technology.

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Large Satellite Constellations and the Orbital Debris Environment

There is a growing trend towards the privatization and commercialization of space activities, a phenomenon frequently referred to as New Space Economy. With clear democratization of space, more space agencies and most notably non-governmental entities are starting to provide services in space which have a commercial value. Indiscriminately, the population of artificial satellites launched by these new space actors will keep on increasing at much higher rates than the estimated previously.

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