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SG[UK] 2024 Organizer Teams Leadership & Management Team - Elia D’Ambrosi Manager Elia is a systems engineer working on space exploration and science missions. He joined SGAC to find a community of enthusiastic individuals to share his space journey with. Elia has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree [...]

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Global Satellite Tracking Selected Teams

Meet the selected teams !         Hanos Orbit, Ethiopia Hanos Orbit is a team of young professionals and students from Ethiopia with the vision to contribute to the development of the private Ethiopian Space Industry. It is composed of professionals from various fields of Engineering, GIS, Space [...]

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The Ubuntu initiative is an initiative inspired by SGAC Project Groups. The idea consists in recreating, to some extent, SGAC Project Groups’ format, at a regional level. It can be described as a platform that provides the necessary tools to drive the creation, development and execution of space education and outreach projects for Africa, leveraging Africa’s youth. Ubuntu presents [...]

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Support the First Women on Mars

Support the first women on Mars through experiments that could be implemented in future analog missions. The main goal of this project is to contribute to closing the gender data gap in human spaceflight and exploration. It is primarily based on many recommendations provided during SG[France]2020, including research activities, support to all-female crews, as well as communication and outreach [...]

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SpaceGen Academy

For someone just starting out on their space journey, we often hear questions such as “how do we get started?” or “where can we learn  more?” There is a large gap in space education that SGAC is uniquely positioned to fill and we hope to do just that with the development of SpaceGen Academy.  Our mission is to make [...]

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Global Satellite Tracking

Global Satellite Tracking Initiative Did you know that you can download real-time images of your region from satellites using your own antenna? Would you like to set-up a ground station in your backyard, local university or maker club and join an open worldwide network? This is your chance, and we will be providing all the hardware and know-how that needed! [...]


AIOFAR’s aim is to improve ocean farming performance by studying the feasibility of farms based on the selected area and monitoring threads that can affect already existing ocean farms such as harmful algal blooms, ocean acidification and harsh weather conditions. This goal is achieved by analysing several sources of input data: multispectral images and marine data parameters from Copernicus [...]

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Travelling Telescope BW

The Traveling Telescope Botswana (BW) project focuses on teaching junior secondary school students Astronomy and Space Science. Facilitation will be done by traveling around the country to the schools to do Astronomy outreach work.  The project covers four schools within three regions in the country. The pilot project will be operational for 1 year.  Through this project, we will [...]

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