The Traveling Telescope Botswana (BW) project focuses on teaching junior secondary school students Astronomy and Space Science. Facilitation will be done by traveling around the country to the schools to do Astronomy outreach work.  The project covers four schools within three regions in the country. The pilot project will be operational for 1 year.  Through this project, we will set up an AstroSpace Science Student Centre in one school per region. After the pilot project has proved successful, this project will be made into an annual endeavour as a collaboration between SGAC Botswana Chapter and Women in STEM-BW (WiS). The problem that this project addresses is bridging the gap of lack of knowledge and the importance of Astronomy and Space Science in Botswana communities. The education curriculum in Botswana does not teach Astronomy and Space Science extensively to encourage pupils to pursue Space Science, Engineering and Technology careers. Therefore with this project, we will raise awareness about Astronomy, Space Science and the STEM careers that young people can aspire to pursue in these fields. Through this project, we will change the pupils’ mindset about Astronomy and Space Science being a far-fetched and impossible career to pursue in Africa.

Travelling Telescope BW
Ms. Tumo Fortunate Kedumele Mr. Rebaone Billy
Project Lead Manager Project Tech Lead
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Tumo Fortunate Kedumele Rebaone Billy