For someone just starting out on their space journey, we often hear questions such as “how do we get started?” or “where can we learn  more?” There is a large gap in space education that SGAC is uniquely positioned to fill and we hope to do just that with the development of SpaceGen Academy. 

Our mission is to make space education accessible for anyone, anywhere. Looking to create an easy-to-use and accessible platform for learners of all ages and skill sets, as well as opportunities for seasoned young professionals to be educators and peer mentors, we hope to bring more passionate individuals to participate in the space sector and learn about space in whatever capacity that they wish to. 

Additionally, SpaceGen Academy will also become the training hub for new and existing SGAC volunteers to learn how to be effective and productive SGAC team members. In some cases, it might be helpful to make some courses as a prerequisite for application to certain roles. One of our first courses will be a training course for SGAC National Point of Contacts. 

SpaceGen Academy, as a platform, will be able to host a plethora of content such as past SGAC Keynotes and Webinars, newly created dedicated content based on demand and interest (structured into learning pathways to gain certifications), internal SGAC training, and sponsored/partnered learning content with existing/new sponsors. 

We look to democratize space education by providing access to topics, content, and educators through our SGAC network that not everyone in the world might otherwise be able to access. 

Contact us at [email protected] 

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