The Ubuntu initiative is an initiative inspired by SGAC Project Groups. The idea consists in recreating, to some extent, SGAC Project Groups’ format, at a regional level. It can be described as a platform that provides the necessary tools to drive the creation, development and execution of space education and outreach projects for Africa, leveraging Africa’s youth.

Ubuntu presents itself as the network of young space professionals in Africa. It aims to implement 03 projects this year. These projects are interconnected and aim to promote Space science, applications and technologies in Africa. Its ultimate goal is to make young people actors of space, people able to highlight the use of space tools for the improvement of everyday life.

“Space Competition”

The Space Competition Project aims to expand the network of space enthusiasts in Africa and identify new talents by creating space competitions at two different educational levels: Secondary School, and Higher Education/Young Professionals. All types of competitions will be organized (Hackathons, essays writing, think-tank crucible, debate sessions, art, design, craft build, etc.) but the focus will always be on making them the least restrictive for the participants in terms of costs and logistics. The competitions will include diverse space fields: Engineering, Law, Policy, Medicine, Applications, etc. Whenever possible the competition topics will address concrete existing problems in Africa.

Comic Book

The aim of this project is to develop a comic series with space science as focus. The comic shall provide appropriate learning material for children, cultural knowledge and have a global space development awareness with an African perspective. The comic will also have a strong cultural component from all African countries. This is an attempt to inculcate tolerance of the different cultures in the continent and break with the stereotype of Africa being a single country instead of a continent with 54 independent countries, each of which has its own languages, cultures, traditions, and histories.

Space news

The aim of the project is to lend voice to the amazing pioneers in the SGAC Africa community. The SGAC Africa Space news will seek to increase the digital reach of ground-breaking projects, communities and individuals in the African space ecosystem. This project aims to create YouTube and Facebook channels for broadcasting news recordings in the form of a newscast to present space news in Africa, innovations and ongoing activities. It will include interviews with space actors inside and outside the continent. It will highlight the progress of some countries and will value all the projects of the Ubuntu initiative and the SGAC. This news will then be disseminated on a bi-weekly basis via all the social media of the Ubuntu Initiative and will create a new dynamic that will highlight the evolution of space on the African continent internationally. 

Please apply for the following positions by sending your CV and cover letter to the Project Leader-Coordinator or one of the Project Manager:

Nzeussi Mbouendeu Charles-aimé

Thierry Martial Tchangole

Marco Romero

Project Leader-Coordinator

“Space Competition” Project Manager

“Comic Book” Project Manager

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